Krymchanin received 3.5 years for the Ukrainian flag over the house

Крымчанин получил 3,5 года за флаг Украины над домом

Baluja in 2013 hung over the house flag of Ukraine

Baloha accused of illegal possession of ammunition and explosives.

In the Crimea local resident Vladimir Baloga sentenced to three years and seven months in prison, according to the Crimean human rights group.

“On August 4, the judge Razdolnensky district court sentenced Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Baluja to three years and seven months of imprisonment in a colony settlement and a fine in the amount of 10 thousand rubles”, – stated in the message.

Baloch accused of illegal possession of ammunition and explosives. Krymchanin has not pleaded guilty. Speaking on August 1 with the last word, he said that the criminal case against him was fabricated, and its verdict will be appealed to higher courts.

In December 2013 Baloch hung over his house in the Crimean village Ukraine flag. 8 December of last year the FSB announced that during the searches were found on the roof of Baluja ammunition and dynamite. Krymchanin was arrested.

Previously the Crimea Valery Podyachev the court refused to accept a job as a teacher because of a suspended sentence for separatism, which made the Ukrainian court.


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