KSU held a meeting because of the reinstatement of the former head

КСУ провел заседание из-за восстановления в должности экс-главы

KSU held a meeting due to recovery Shevchuk

A special plenary session of the constitutional court was rassmatrivali question recovery Stanislav Shevchuk as the head of the CCU.

On Tuesday, October 15, held a special plenary session of the constitutional court, which considered the question concerning the application of Stanislav Shevchuk on reinstatement judge and President of the KSU. About it reports a press-service of the court.

It is noted that by results of consideration of this issue in a special plenary session of the constitutional court adjourned.

This morning at 9 o’clock. 15 mins Shevchuk has applied to the constitutional court on reinstatement of the judges and the President of KSU, adding a certified copy of the abbreviated decision OASC introductory and operative parts.

Recall that on may 14 the judges of the CCU voted on mistrust to the head of the court, as well as for his resignation. Shevchuk considers the decision unconstitutional coup.

The new head of the CCU was appointed Natalia Shaptala, but her powers ended in September. Instead, the head of KSU chose Alexander Topackage.

And on October 11th the District administrative court of Kiev restored Stanislav Shevchuk as the Chairman of the constitutional court.


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