Kubiv told how the Chinese will build a subway to troieschyna

Кубив рассказал, как китайцы будут строить метро на Троещину

The construction of the subway to spend the Chinese

The metro project will cost 2 billion dollars.

The preliminary cost of the construction of the Kiev metro line in the direction of the residential area Troyeshchyna is $ 2 billion, 85% of which will be provided by the investor. About this in Facebook said the first Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of economic development, Stepan Kubiv.

According to him, the project envisages construction of 13 stations.

“18 miles, 13 stations, 4 branch. He spoke today on the construction branch of the Kiev metro to Troyeshchyna of Kyiv airport with Chinese investors. The preliminary project cost of $ 2 billion, 85% of them will provide the Chinese side (loan 20 years at 2% per annum). 15% of the project will be financed with funds of the Kyiv city state administration, Kyiv city state administration,” – said Kubiv.

The first Vice-Premier noted that in the near future will start working a working group consisting of representatives of the company, the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine, SFII, Kiev metro, which will make the text of the final agreement.

“After signing we will be able to begin construction,” Kubiv promised.

He stressed that after the introduction of branches in operation from the airport to Kiev can be reached by metro to almost anywhere in the city.

“This is a major project that will significantly improve the lives of residents and guests of the capital. Now from Kiev airport can be reached by metro to almost anywhere in the city. In addition, as with any infrastructure project, the construction of a new metro line is new jobs, public money and means the economic recovery in the region”, – said the first Deputy Prime Minister.

He also stressed that in the framework of the project, the government and the KSCA assumed certain obligations to the investor.

“I assured the Board of the international group Pacific Construction, government and KSCA make a commitment to run the project and see it through,” – said Kubiv.

We remind that the Chinese company will act as partner business Manager in the construction branch of the Kyiv subway troieschyna.