Kuchma believes that Yanukovych could to avoid bloodshed on the Maidan in the case of the resignation of the government

Кучма считает, что Янукович мог избежать кровопролития на Майдане в случае отставки правительства

The second President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma believes that the ex-President Viktor Yanukovych could to avoid bloodshed on the Maidan in February 2014. He said this during the briefing, which was broadcast “112 Ukraine”.

According to Kuchma, the protesters went to the streets of Kiev, if the government of Mykola Azarov was dismissed.

“Yanukovych was wholly able to solve this problem and not to run. We three – I, Kravchuk and Yushchenko have repeatedly met with him, asked him to send the government in resignation, and they (the protesters – ed.) will go to the Maidan. He said “I’m not looking.” (If) according to this scenario came the development of events in Ukraine and Crimea would be ours, and in the Donbas this would not have happened,” – said Kuchma.

Recall that Mykola Azarov resigned from the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine in January 2014.

As reported yesterday, ex-President Viktor Yanukovych was questioned as a witness in the case of mass executions at Euromaidan via video conference with the Rostov oblsuda. During interrogation, he apologized to the families of the victims on the Maidan. He also said that he tried to stop the bloodshed “by any means”.