Kvasha and Kolodiy won a silver medal in “sync” with CHE in Kiev

Кваша и Колодий выиграли серебро в "синхроне" на ЧЕ в Киеве

Oleg kolody, President of PPWU Igor Lisov and Ilya Kvasha

Less points is not enough Ukrainian Duo to win gold medals.

Ukrainians Illya Kvasha and Oleg Kolodiy, following the double podium in the three-meter springboard, won the silver medal in synchronous jumps from the same height.

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Less points (0.75), the Ukrainians lost to Russian Duo consisting of Ilya Zakharov and Evgeny Kuznetsov. Third were the British Frederick Woodward and James heatly.

1. Zakharov/Kuznetsov (Russia) – 427.71
2. Kvasha/Kolodiy (Ukraine) – 426.96
3. Woodward/Heatley (UK) – 395.61

Thus, the Ukrainian team has already won a tenth medal on home European championship in diving. Previously our countrymen took 3 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals.

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