Kyiv about the new “spy” in the Crimea: the Provocation

Киев о новом "шпионе" в Крыму: Провокация

In the power structures of the Russian Federation announced the arrest of a “spy”

Russian special services did not detain any Ukrainian soldier, according to the defense Ministry.

The Ministry of defence of Ukraine called another provocative information about the detainee in Sevastopol, the alleged spy, carrying out tasks of the Main intelligence Directorate. “No staff of the Ukrainian intelligence officer, a Ukrainian soldier, Russian special services detained”, – said the speaker of the defense Ministry Andrey Lysenko on Thursday, November 24.

According to him, Russian special services raise the personal Affairs of officers who have previously served in the Armed forces or Russia, or Ukraine and are now retired.

“In fact, these people are not attracted to it. No espionage activities they, as a rule, is not carried out. They are normal inhabitants of the Crimea… this time a victim of provocation was a former soldier of the black sea fleet. We, in fact, nothing is known about this man,” he said.

Lysenko predicts that this practice will continue. “Like the case with the discovery of the alleged spies, saboteurs, who allegedly belong to the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine, will appear as on the Peninsula remained personal business about 10 thousands of former soldiers who are now retired and have no relationship to military service”, – said the representative of the Ministry of defense.

Earlier, the FSB announced the arrest in Sevastopol, former soldier of the black sea fleet headquarters, which allegedly on the instructions of the intelligence Ministry of defense of Ukraine was gathering intelligence on the activities of the fleet.

As reported Корреспондент.net, the Russian defense Ministry accused the Ukrainian security forces in the alleged unlawful detention and removal from the Crimea two Russian soldiers.

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