Kyiv craftswoman Day embroidered spoke about “the language of” ornamental letters

Киевская мастерица ко Дню вышиванки рассказала о "языке" орнаментного письма

There is widespread belief that the world is ruled by money, as we have seen in the other world is ruled by sacred geometry. A Day embroidery, which for the tenth consecutive year, celebrating Ukraine, the editorial Board of “Kyiv” we tried to understand the “language” ornamental letters of the ethnic shirts. With the request to explain the symbolism we appealed to the Kyiv craftswoman Irina Legnini. Embroiderer is a member of the NGO “all-Ukrainian Academy authenticity”.

The woman said that from time immemorial the process of embroidery was like a mystery he has taken on certain days, with pure thoughts, good mood and always with prayer.

Despite the large amount of Ukrainian Housewives – brand cooking borscht, creating a family comfort and child-rearing, embroidery was not painful, more of a magic skill with the help of threads and needles to convey the deep philosophy of love.

It is noteworthy that the very first embroiderers not borrowed each other’s patterns, did not reject shirt on someone else’s sample. Their work was unique – with all the coded spirals, diamonds and floral patterns. Some sacred meaning, our ancestors invested in embroidered shirts and talking about geometric patterns on linen canvas?

Киевская мастерица ко Дню вышиванки рассказала о "языке" орнаментного письма

On this sample in the center of the geometric pattern is placed an ancient symbol – petal-shaped flower. The number of petals not pointed randomly. In Slavic numerology karmic task eight – to restore inner peace and harmony.

Rhombus at all times was considered one of the most popular characters geometric embroidery. Diamond patterns symbolize a father’s blessing the young, so they were embroidered towels at a wedding and the bride’s attire. Clothes, decorated with embroidered diamonds, a young woman who became pregnant should carry until birth of the baby. After all, this symbol served as a reliable protection from the evil eye.

Киевская мастерица ко Дню вышиванки рассказала о "языке" орнаментного письма

Here lush sleeve embroidered shirt with the star-flowers that represent the people’s idea of the Universe as a system. Stars United by chains, not only pleasing to the eye, but also testify to the immutable law of the United space, where everything is harmoniously arranged.

At our request to give some tips for Ukrainian women, the skilled worker says: the embroidered shirt needs to warm the soul, bring joy and a sense of harmony. If selecting shirts soul torn by doubts – take a pause, listen to the inner voice and be sure to ask the interpretation of the involved symbols.