Kyiv expects economic growth for the next three years

Киев ожидает рост экономики следующие три года

The Ukrainian economy will grow steadily in coming years, confident in the Cabinet

Deputy Minister of economy spoke about the steps taken by the government in reforming the economy.

The Ministry of economy expect a sustainable growth of the economy over the next three years. This was during a presentation of some of the areas of the Plan of priority actions for reform in 2016, said the first Deputy economy Minister Yuliya Kovaliv, reports 112 Ukraina.

“What we see today, compared to last year, when our economy fell by almost 10% already this year, we expected growth, and expected stable growth in the next three years,” said Kovaliv.

According to her, in front of officials “the goal is to catch up all the lost time in the reforms of the last 20 years more said about them than we did”.

“If we talk regarding the economic bloc of reforms, it has several aspects, the first is macroeconomic stabilization, which is primarily due to the strict fiscal consolidation. That is not the imbalance of the budget, not the deregulation of public Finance. Also this is a continuation of, and more active implementation of deregulation and changes in the regulation of all markets to improve the business climate in the country”, – said the first Deputy Minister.

Kovaliv added that one of the important priorities which are put before itself by the government is the reform of the fiscal service, customs and tax administration reform, reform of the energy sector.

“And last but not least, it is transparent and large-scale privatization and reform of the vast sector of public enterprises,” said Kovaliv.

Another important area, which puts before itself the government in the economic bloc, is promoting exports and attracting investments into the economy, summed up the Deputy Minister.

We will note, on the eve of the Kovaliv said that the economy Ministry forecasts the GDP growth in 2017 at 3.5% and not 4% as was voiced earlier.