Kyiv said the UAE ban on the supply of products

Киев объяснил запрет ОАЭ на поставки продуктов

The refusal of the Ukrainian food products in the Emirates is not associated with quality.

The United Arab Emirates has suspended the export of food products from Ukraine in connection with the termination of Halal certification Ukrainian centre, the press centre of Gospodarevskaya.

“The question is not linked to the quality of domestic food products: our products are safe and meet the requirements of international partners, as evidenced by the substantial diversification of world markets. In this case, the problem lies in the internal procedures of authorizations certification Halal UAE”, – said the Chairman of Gospodarevskaya Volodymyr Lapa.

As noted in the Department, the issue of restoration of the Ukrainian Halal certification center is on the personal control of the Minister of agrarian policy and food of Taras Kutovy.

The Halal certification process centers on average lasts up to a year.

Also otmecheno that the subject was discussed during a meeting of Ukrainian delegation with the new delegate of the UAE Mr. Alem, Cassini, which took place in Paris at the meeting of the 84th General session of the world Assembly of delegates of the International epizootic Bureau (OIE).

Al Qassimi during the negotiations, assured the Ukrainian side that today for the export of Ukrainian food products in the UAE approved five companies slaughtering and production of poultry meat and products from it. If other businesses want to export meat products to the UAE, they should contact the Ministry of climate and environment of the UAE.

Ukraine has increased by a third, food exports to the EU

According to the internal procedure of the Ministry on the import UAE after submitting the online application and the necessary documents, plants will be inspected by experts of the UAE within 90 days.

Currently, the state foods and consumer service has prepared an official request to the competent authority of the UAE to resolve the situation.

As reported, the Emirates has banned the import of food from Ukraine.