Kyivenergo said the threat of turning off the water in the capital

Киевэнерго заявляет об угрозе отключения воды в столице

The debt of Kiev for electricity before Kyivenergo reached 332,15 million hryvnia

In the company complain about the debt of the state budget for compensation of benefits and subsidies for electricity.

Debt capital consumers for the used electric energy in front of Kyivenergo on October 1, is 1,012 billion. About it reports a press-service of the company.

According to her, the main debtors are the enterprises of city life and communal form of ownership (491,4 million) and the population. Most of all owed to the Kyiv metro – 201,5 million.

The population debt of Kiev for electricity consumed before Kyivenergo on 1 October 2017 has reached 332,15 million. The largest debtors are consumers of the type of the Sviatoshynskyi and Solomianskyi districts constitute 48.9 million and 37.4 million and 37.4 million, respectively.

The state budget debt payment of benefits and subsidies for electricity before Kyivenergo is 141,49 million hryvnias, of them a debt of Kyivvodokanal – 53,71 million.

NKREKP automatically deduct funds for the payment of electricity consumed through incentives and subsidies in favour of Energy by the constant (in September – 46 million).

“Although Kyivenergo does not receive the calculation in full, the funds from the accounts of the company are automatically debited. In the event of further defaults, Kyivenergo forced to stop the Kyivvodocanal for debt that is critical for the capital and can carry environmental risk,” the company said.

In Kyivenergo say that all in Ukraine as of 17 October signed protocols of 63.7 billion UAH, and of limits to 61,2 billion.

“That is, before the heating season, the deficit is already more than 2,5 billion UAH. Until the end of the heating season the gap in needs and budget can reach 10-12 billion hryvnias, including in Kiev – 1.7 billion hryvnia. In Kyivenergo believe that the allocation of funds for incentives and subsidies in Ukraine is uneven”, – said the press service.

As reported Корреспондент.netin Kiev debts for heating and hot water exceed 4 billion UAH. Of this amount, residents of the capital needs of 1.7 billion UAH.

In Kiev will lower the tariffs for heating and hot water