Lada Luzina opened section on the website Teledeli

Лада Лузина открыла рубрику на сайте Теленели

May 18, 2016 in the magazine “Telenedelya” and on the website TV.UA writer Lada Luzina opened the heading entitled “Ukraine. In search of miracles”.

Now twice a month, readers along with the famous “Kiev witches” will be able to virtually travel to the cities and villages of our incredibly beautiful and mysterious country, to discover the secrets hidden under the veil of centuries, to reveal the secrets and mysteries of the great people.

The first item on the voyage Claesson was White Church. Why this name was well known to all the town, and what he has in common with the notorious niece of Prince Potemkin, Alexandra Branicki, which many believed to be a native daughter of Catherine the great?

What is the secret of many years keeps a colonnade called “Echo”? Where does the mysterious “Chinese bridge”? What is hidden in the “Island of roses”? And finally, why the main attraction of the White Church – the arboretum “Alexandria” is compared to new York’s Central Park?

All this you can learn by reading a column of Lada Luzina “the Ukraine. In search of miracles” in the magazine “Telenedelya” and the website TV.UA.