Land in orange haze. NASA showed rare photos

Земля в оранжевой дымке. NASA показало редкое фото

The earth is surrounded by a glowing orange haze

The picture was taken from the International space station. Strange it is bizarre glow of the atmosphere.

NASA released a rare photo of the Earth taken from the International space station. In a picture published on the Agency’s website, the planet is shrouded in an orange haze.

According to scientists, an amazing glow due to chemical reactions between nitrogen, oxygen and hydroxyl radicals, as well as luminescence, which arose under the influence of cosmic rays on the atmosphere.

The contribution to this phenomenon also gives and recombination of ions that occurs under the influence of sunlight.

Earlier it was reported that the probe took a picture of the Earth taken from a distance of 43 million kilometers.

GOES-17 made a qualitative picture of the Earth

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