Landscape after the battle. The transition period in Ukraine

Пейзаж после битвы. Переходный период в Украине

The country is still waiting for the official change of President. The guarantor expiring last actively distributes positions and awards, and is also found with Western partners. Garant coming worried because of this and requires a Mace.

To a new life prepared everything: the deputies are going to the polls, the judges of the constitutional court of the change of the President, even in the Church began to stir, writes Valery Litvinski in No. 9 of the Journal Reporter. And the Prime Minister and all appeared in a fundamentally new role

The transition period after the presidential elections in Ukraine is saturated with scandals and personnel rotations. Vladimir Zelensky want as soon as possible to receive the coveted Mace, and Poroshenko is trying to cement key achievements of his rule and lay the Foundation for a comfortable political future. And in addition to the two presidents is enough of those who are trying to use the change of head of state in their own interests. The political landscape is changing very quickly. All together this means that on April 21 Zelensky won the election in one country, and will officially take office in a slightly different.


For example, Zelensky will work with the new head of the constitutional court — not with an emphatically loyal to him the ex-head of the CCU by Stanislav Shevchuk. We remember that the Ukrainian constitutional court has long ago turned into the body generating too many scandals and controversial decisions. When Viktor Yanukovych, the COP has cancelled the constitutional reform and helped the President to concentrate power in their hands. And more recently, in February of 2019, the constitutional court recognised as unconstitutional the norm on criminal liability for illicit enrichment, effectively blocking the fight against corruption in the country. The number of criminal cases against top officials who investigated new anti-corruption bodies, after the decision, the COP had to close.

One of the initiators of decisions called the then head of the COP Shevchuk. Later it appeared and other claims. In March 2019 three judges of KSU — Mykola Melnyk, Serhiy SAS and Igor Slidenko — turned to his colleagues with a letter, which called for the resignation of Shevchuk. Among other things, they accused the head of the court in the systematic manipulation of Affairs, the regular violation of the procedure for their consideration, violation of the rights of judges, abuse of power and unacceptable politicization of the court.

With the politicization generally turned ugly in the midst of the presidential election campaign, Shevchuk said that as the head of the COP will not lead to the oath of the President, if the election will have committed fraud. The fact that the result of the election establishes the Central electoral Commission, not him or the COP, Shevchuk did not really care.

In the end, action Shevchuk has considered the Commission on rules and ethics, the COP that came to the conclusion that there are grounds for his dismissal due to a significant disciplinary misconduct, flagrant and systematic disregard for its obligations. And here may 14, 12 of the 18 constitutional court judges supported the Commission’s conclusion and dismissed Shevchuk from the post of head of the court, and in principle, as a judge of the constitutional court of Ukraine. This was the first time in the history of Ukraine.

Action KSU is already supported by the Western partners of our country. And even earlier, according to activists, Shevchuk has cancelled American visa. Shevchuk, of course, said that his dismissal is illegal, is the overthrow of the constitutional order, and stands for what is happening supposedly outgoing President Poroshenko.

The rumors are really tied Shevchuk with the team newly elected President Zelensky. Shevchuk met with the lawyer Zelensky and influential representative of his campaign staff Andrei Bogdan. Also already the former head COP accused that his actions affect his brother RuLa odd. According to media reports, Shevchuk tried to assign the leadership of the Secretariat of the court, the business partner of his brother and made his non-staff advisers of his companions. About brother Shevchuk Rolava odda know that in relation to the firm belonging to it, the GPU is investigating a criminal case of fraud, and the odd presidential elections openly supported Zelensky.

Пейзаж после битвы. Переходный период в Украине


Zelensky will work with the new head of the constitutional court

That’s just in the line of defense Shevchuk, based on the version of the intervention Poroshenko, there is one problem. The team Zelensky one of the former Chapter, the COP has supported and stood up for him. There’s absolutely indifferent react to this decision, i.e. did not react in any way. Advisor Zelensky Ruslan riaboshapka has recognized that “Many constitutional court judges complained that the procedures in the COP are carried out not, as provided by law, and often managed in a manual mode by the head of the court, there were many other procedural violations. It’s all accumulated in a certain period and eventually resulted in the decision of constitutional court judges”.

By the way, no problems for the inauguration Zelensky dismissal Shevchuk does not create, and could not create in principle. The COP then elected a new Chairperson — this position took Natalia Shaptala. It will lead to the inauguration of the newly elected President. But even if the new head COP in the inauguration would participate or Deputy President of the court or the senior judge.

The team Zelensky the fact of the election of the new head of the court is welcomed. Although Saptala also have a lot of questions. In particular, this judge voted for the abolition of the constitutional reform in favor of Yanukovych. The GPU and the SBU against it criminal cases. In the materials of the GPU it is called loyal to Yanukovych. Saptala, according to the documents of the GPU, is listed among the judges of the constitutional court, whose candidacy had been agreed personally by former President and “that under the influence of Yanukovych was able to make the necessary decisions and conclusions to implement his criminal intent.”

But the powers of Saptari will end in September 2019, so four months later, the CCU will again be the new leader. Importantly, until that time, the court did not accept the new controversial decisions, for example, the abolition of lustration. Rapporteur on this issue, just Saptala is. So for the Constitutional court in the coming months will have to monitor very closely.


Throwing accusations back the outgoing President Poroshenko is trying not only Shevchuk. For Ukraine it is generally standard political practice: all all blame “poperednica”. Did not depart from tradition and Zelensky. The President-elect has criticized the latest steps of his predecessor, calling them “cramps lame duck” and attempts to “naznachaetsya before a long vacation.” Vacation? That is, Zelensky himself allowed for the return of Poroshenko?

In the last weeks of his term, the outgoing President really spent a number of personnel changes. In particular, “get the wind up” power unit. Instead of Sergey Nueva the new commander of Operation United forces (EP) Poroshenko appointed the Deputy chief of staff Alexander Mirskogo. The team Zelensky have nothing against candidates Carskogo, which among other things oversaw the exit of the Ukrainian troops under Debaltseve in February 2015. Outraged by the fact that the President held this appointment at the end of his stay in power.

Poroshenko explain it a planned rotation, with the launch of OOS a year have passed it is time to change Nueva. The President also fired the commander of the National guard of Ukraine Yuriy Allerona. Everything is more prosaic, Alleron was considered a man of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, Poroshenko and Avakov, as you know, goodbye political enemies.

Got his man, the outgoing President and the national Council on television and radio. At the beginning of may from the post of head of left national Council Yuriy Artemenko. A five-year term of office ended in July, Poroshenko has played a proactive, not leaving the power off then Zelensky President to appoint the national Council of his people.

So the powers Artemenko was terminated, he found a new position in the National Commission exercising the state regulation of communications and Informatization. And the national Council on television and radio broadcasting Artemenko is Poroshenko appointed Vladimir Gorkovenko, before that, head of the information policy Department of the presidential Administration. Thus, Poroshenko, in fact, retained influence in the national Council — the body exercising control over observance of the legislation on television and radio.

Poroshenko has appointed 75 new judges to the Supreme court. This solution Zelensky especially not happy, promised a restart of the recruiting and vetting of judges. Also posts actively distributing outgoing President and even rewards together with the titles. For example, has assigned the head of the security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak, the title of Hero of Ukraine and the order of the Golden Star. 24 the rank of General the outgoing President handed to the APU, the SBU and SBS, it is clear to command staff remembered who owe the promotion. And to cement the top of these structures.

The foreign partners also did not remain without gifts from Poroshenko. During the farewell visit to Brussels, the President awarded the order of Yaroslav the Wise President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and the President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

Пейзаж после битвы. Переходный период в Украине


Poroshenko Tusk awards

From Zelensky promise to reconsider some recent decisions of Poroshenko. And he is the newly elected President even compared farewell the actions of Peter I with the behavior of the greedy tourist at the departure of the Egyptian hotel. Poroshenko, speaking in Brussels, asked to recommend something Zelensky said, “Just follow the path of President Poroshenko.”


In the Administration Poroshenko say that they are interested in as soon as possible to transfer all powers Zelensky. Some of the deputies says the same and the other, on the contrary, is outraged by the sharp video messages to the newly-elected President, who calls parliamentarians “petty lying crooks” holding “for the party”. The MPs, angry harsh words, made a retaliatory move — moved considering the date of the inauguration for such period, which virtually eliminates the normal planning for events for up to 26 may.

In the end, their demands to appoint the inauguration on may 19, the newly elected President set up the part of parliamentarians against yourself, although the likelihood that Zelensky after the inauguration of the right to dissolve the Rada, it seems, almost no one is afraid of. Everyone prepares for the elections. As planned, in fall, and extraordinary summer.

Adamantly working full time, respectively, and the inauguration to appoint later, say, on 28 may, only in the popular front. The party is really now a very low rating and no prospect of a political future, and this autumn, we hope to come up with something. Not very profitable early elections and the Radical party. Oleg Lyashko failed during the presidential campaign and this failure may prevent RPL to take the usual number of seats in Parliament if the elections it will be early.

But the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko (Solidarity) for a possible summer election ready. Especially mazhoritarshchik, staffs working with another presidential campaign, one to dissolve is not necessary, the presidency Poroshenko still got it. To correct the name of the party, to update the list of youth, veterans and patriots — and forward. The BPP reasonable to say that the fall of the nuclear electorate of Poroshenko in the famous 25% may be sprayed. In addition, on the same electoral field there will be many new projects and, therefore, to have in Parliament will be less deputies. So “strike while the iron is hot you need”.

By the way, Poroshenko may to the Parliament and not to go to the top of the list, and then to refuse the mandate — buttons in Parliament to press after such a high office, somehow not with his hands. On the other hand, perhaps the President will be useful to parliamentary immunity after he leaves office. In vain, perhaps, he was threatened with persecution now?

And new competitors in the Patriotic and Pro-Western segment of the BPP will certainly appear. For example, again, promises to return to politics singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. His political project builds and Volodymyr Groysman, although in this case confirms that holding consultations on the political future of Poroshenko.

Groysman will go to the polls himself? Combined with Arseniy Yatsenyuk in conditional party two Prime Ministers? It is not obvious. Why Groisman pull your unrated Yatsenyuk? Because of the fact there is a party structure across the country, which it is not Groisman, and longtime sponsors, which the current Prime Minister either, and spend their own money on the campaign — so they have to have.

Another potential competitor of BPP, a breakaway from him, the party Blow Vitali Klitschko. The mayor of Kiev after partnering with Poroshenko wants to rebuild their own identity in Ukrainian politics. For this he, they say, is willing even to call for help brother Vladimir, that he topped the list Blow in the elections to the Parliament.

Another player who is reluctant to go into opposition along with Poroshenko — his godfather, the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko. After promises to return to politics Lutsenko began making statements that he sees no reasons for his own resignation from the GPU.

Zelensky publicly stated that the GPU needs replacement. But how to shift Lutsenko — one more question. The real opportunity is to Express distrust to the Prosecutor General in the Parliament, but it is necessary 226 votes, and where to get them? Voices of STDs among those who want offset Yury Vitalyevich we are unlikely to see.

So Lutsenko remains only to convince Zelensky own capabilities. The same Igor Kolomoisky and closest Advisor Bogdan Zelenskiy, for example, spoke in this spirit that the normal of Lutsenko to the Prosecutor. Before and Yury Vitalyevich two hours talking with the newly elected President in his office. One close to Zelensky MP Serhiy Leshchenko continues to share with Lutsenko nastiness and accusations.

Two Liters to measure the influence among the American friends of Ukraine. Lutsenko even called a woman a “political skunk” and threatened with criminal case. The answer is nothing the original did not invent, but said they are even willing to waive immunity, to prove the groundlessness of the accusations of the public Prosecutor in the disclosure of the investigation materials.


Oddly enough, the change of the President has affected even the Church, and neither more nor less threatened Tomos, which the country has achieved for decades. The conflict in the newly created Orthodox Church in Ukraine erupted between the Patriarch Epiphanius and honorable Patriarch Filaret. The Initiator Of Filaret. He was dissatisfied with the excessive independence of the Epiphany and threatens to split.

Honorary Patriarch started to say that the UOC-Kyivan Patriarchate, which, in fact, became the basis for the DNC, supposedly not disbanded and continues to exist. The moj believe the opposite, documents on liquidation of the UOC-KP was signed personally by Filaret, but now he has a new truth: if there is the Patriarch, the Filaret, then there is the Patriarchy.

On may 14, Filaret planned “show of force” in the Vladimir Cathedral. To gather were those who supported Filaret, his idea to restore the UOC-KP and the reduction of the role of Epiphany. The Patriarch on the forms of the UOC-KP sent out 60 bishops PCU invitation for a prayer celebration in honor of the Martyr Macarius, but arrived only four bishops. A number of dioceses ptsu made public statements in support of Epiphany. Supports Primate and Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.

Пейзаж после битвы. Переходный период в Украине


Filaret goes into schism?

It would seem that everything. Fiasco. But Filaret has not calmed down and has released an open letter “to all Orthodox people.” In it, he argues that the rejection of the status of the Patriarchate “was purely situational,” and the Kyiv Patriarchate legally continues to exist. According to Filaret, in December 2018, when created ptsu, he refused UOC-KP and claims to leadership in the new United Church, because there were appropriate arrangements with President Poroshenko and Epiphanius. Their essence is that Metropolitan Epiphanios is a Primate and a representative of the PCU in the Orthodox world, “the Church in Ukraine” will be over by the Patriarch, but “this agreement is broken and not running, in fact.”

Epiphany showed itself as a full-fledged, independent Director. Filaret’s not like he’s upset that it can not communicate, consult and even said that “Moscow anyone guide Epiphanios”, because there is not criticized. After Poroshenko will leave office already and to bring a claim Filaret will be nobody, and Zelensky subtleties of internal Church struggle to grasp clearly did not intend.