Last year 60% of Ukrainians issued visas to the Schengen area was multiple

В прошлом году 60% выданных украинцам виз в Шенгенскую зону были многократными

Last year, the Ukrainians have issued 817 thousand multivisa, or 60% of all visas obtained by the citizens of Ukraine to the Schengen area. It is reported by DW with reference to data of the European Commission.

It is reported that the Ukrainians in the course of a year got 1 363 347 Schengen visas, of which 817 million, or 60% was multi-entry.

Most of all multiple entry visas issued Poland – 426 thousand, or more than half. Her – Hungary (71 thousand) and Lithuania (69,5 thousand). In fourth place in the statistics of the issuance of Schengen multivisa – Germany (52.5 thousand).

It is noted that in 2013 Ukraine issued 1 535 407 Schengen visas, but multiple entry visas – 598 364.

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Recall that the issue of liberalization of visa regime for Ukraine is on the agenda of the European Parliament on April 5-6.

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