Lavrov complained to visa discrimination of Russians in Crimea – Kuleba

Лавров пожаловался на визовую дискриминацию россиян в Крыму - Кулеба

Sergei Lavrov

The head of the Russian Ministry said that the Russians are somehow prejudice, said the representative of Ukraine to the COE.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that the Russians infringe in the Crimea. This was announced by permanent representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe Dmitry Kuleba on his page in Facebook on Friday, may 19.

According to Kuleba, Lavrov at the meeting of Ministers of the Council of Europe in Nicosia made a “recital”, where he spoke about the “blockade of Donbass”, Ukrainian “Nazis” and “ban Russian language”.

“The author also presented his new hit “the Visa discrimination against Russian in the Crimea”. PS: Bezviz for Ukraine took the Russians to the depths, if they have already sang. And about the mood in the Crimea, it also says a lot,” wrote Kuleba.

However, it is unclear what Lavrov had in mind when speaking of visa discrimination of Russians in the Crimea. The Russian foreign Ministry has not yet responded to the words of the Kuleba about the performance Lavrov has not confirmed the authenticity of these words.

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  1. So, Russia wants it both ways? Visa free travel for Crimean occupiers? Why? Because Crimea is Ukraine? It’s astounding. All the Russians in Crimea are there illegally. Russia voided the lease contracts with Ukraine, and it has been well over 90 days since any Russian went through the Ukraine border control points so they have all overstayed now or entered illegally.

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