Lawyer daughter Mostovskoy not sure of the fault the suspect

Адвокат дочери Ноздровской не уверен в вине подозреваемого

Yuri Rossoshanskiy in the court room

Representative of the victims questioned the involvement of Yuri Rossoshanskiy to the murder of human rights activist.

The daughter’s lawyer Irina Moskovskoy Alexander Panchenko said that doubt caused Yuri Rossoshanskiy, who is suspected of murdering human rights activist. He told this to journalists after the court session, UNIAN reports.

Recall, January 9, the court decided to arrest Yuri Rossoshanskiy for two months without the right of bail.

“I want to see a forensic examination, what was the nature of injuries, the mechanisms of their application that led to the death and to compare these data with the materials presented today in court. If we do not give the materials of the investigation, and give some kind of reply, we will prepare the appeal and think that the investigation has something to hide. and in this case it can keep one − another person involved in the murder,” said Panchenko.

The lawyer pointed out that doubts that Rossoshanskiy was the murderer and acted alone.

“I was very interested to see how Rossoshanskiy 64 carries a mile a woman’s body, calmly throwing it over his shoulder,” said Panchenko.

“As the representatives of the victims, we should support the public prosecution, asking for punishment for the suspect. But how can you ask a man to punish, if we are not sure if it has to do with the murder,” emphasized the lawyer.

As reported Корреспондент.net, Irina Mostovskoy found on 1 January in a river in the Kiev region.

Upon a premeditated murder the criminal proceedings are opened. The suspect committing the crime, the police detained 8 Jan. They found Yuri Rossoshanskiy, the father of the man who killed the sister of Irina and against whom the deceased had a case.

Became known details of the murder Moskovskoy