Lawyer Yanukovych told about the trip to the client

Адвокат Януковича рассказал о поездке к клиенту

Gerasko to no avail, went to Yanukovych

Gerasko said that twice tried to meet with Yanukovych, but to no avail.

State advocate of the fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych Maxim Gerasim was unable to meet with his client in Rostov-on-don. This lawyer said in comments to the Ukrainian truth.

According to him, Yanukovych didn’t have to meet, it wasn’t there. The lawyer found his address and house, he lives there, he was even able to talk with the guards, left the statement that he had contacted, as well as all your contacts. Gerasko, focused attention that came to Yanukovych twice, but the result was the same – the ex-President was not at home.

“My client does not report the security when departing and arriving. However, security (the police) clearly given to understand that my documents will be transferred to the Viktor Yanukovych immediately upon arrival. As the court in a hurry, continuing to assign in a short time, I forced to return to Kyiv”, – said the lawyer.

Gerasko also reports that he was not given any contact to be able to communicate directly with Yanukovych. He prepared and sent to several law requests to the Rostov regional court, the Ministry of justice, the General Directorate of the police Federation.

As reported, the lawyer, Gerasko sent to the Obolon district court of Kiev a request to postpone consideration of criminal proceedings, since he returned from Russia only 13 Oct.