Lawyers Klimenko predict a new wave of arrests ex-tax

Юристы Клименко прогнозируют новую волну задержаний экс-налоговиков

All tax prosecutors trying to persuade you to make a deal with the investigation, according to lawyers.

The initiative group of lawyers and the public said that in the near future, the police will conduct a new wave of arrests of former officials of the State tax service.

24 may as part of a major anti-corruption operation were detained on 23 former officials of the Ministry of revenues. Former Minister of revenues and duties Oleksandr Klymenko commented on the arrests of his former subordinates, calling them “public relations and window dressing.”

This was announced today at a press conference today, reports Ukrainian news.

“We expect a new wave of arrests (tax)”, – said the Chairman of the bar Association Dulsky Voichenko and Sergei Voichenko.

According to him, criminal proceedings, under which in may was arrested 23 ex-official Tax, it was still 31 March 2013.

“It was allocated in separate production. All suspicions written with the help of ctrl C + ctrl V. the hearing protection indicates that in his application of the measure of restraint, the Prosecutor’s office refers to a non-existent norm of the criminal procedural code”, – he said.

The lawyer added that all of the tax prosecutors trying to persuade you to go for a plea deal.

“Who refuses, afraid of the new criminal episode. This is a criminal proceeding – it’s just a bubble”, he added.

According to lawyer and social activist Tatyana Montyan, the purpose of law enforcement is not to destroy the criminal scheme, and “rosdot” people for money.

“Why tax? Because no one will regret. Such shows and illegal detention show that Matios and Lutsenko are not hiding from society,” she said.

We will remind that the detained ex-tax bail 444 million.