Lawyers Moskovskoy said that hiding from them the materials of the investigation

Адвокаты Ноздровской заявили, что от них скрывают материалы следствия

Human rights activists suspect that they are hiding important facts.

The materials of the investigation into the murder of Noskowski do not have access to her lawyers. This broadcast Эспрессо.TV the lawyer said the deceased Tamila Ulyanov.

In particular, she said that about the note Yuri Rossoshanskiy lawyers learned from the media. On that note, earlier told reporters his wife rossoshanskaya. It says that he is willing to take the blame because of “persecution”, which, in his opinion, it was arranged against his son and family.

As stated Ulyanov, law enforcement officers do not allow lawyers access to the materials, hide information, which should not go beyond the investigation.

“I have a theory that we do not admit (to the investigation – ed.), because he hides some facts that we should not see. Because we, as lawyers, of course will see the contradictions that can be, and possible errors that were made the consequence. So as much as possible and intentionally harboring (data, – ed),” – said Ulyanov.

We will remind, today, on January 9, the court will choose a measure of restraint to the suspect in the murder of lawyer Irina Mostovskoy.

Recall that on 8 January the police detained a suspect in the murder Mostovskoy.