Laziness and Mikhailyuk in the extended national team for the qualifiers for the world Cup

Лень и Михайлюк в расширенном составе сборной на матчи отбора к ЧМ

Yevgeny Murzin

Evgeny Murzin has called in 24 players for the next collection.

The coaching staff of national team of Ukraine on basketball, led by Eugene Murzin has called 24 players who will prepare for the next qualification matches for the world Cup 2019. The team will begin preparations for the matches in early June.

The list of players:

Alexander Belikov, Ilya Bliznyuk, Vyacheslav Bobrov, Joel Bolombi, Vladimir Herun Summarizes, Sergey Gladyrya, Eugene Jeter, Igor Zaitsev, Alexander Kobets Vladimir Konev, Vyacheslav Kravtsov, Alexei Laziness, Alexander Lipovy, Denis Lukashov, Kirill Marchenko, Svyatoslav Mikhailyuk, Alexander Mishula, Vyacheslav Petrov, Artem Pustovoy, Maxim Pustozvonov, Alexander Ryabchuk, Yssouf Sanon, Vladimir Shevchenko, Vitaly Sibel

However, it is noted that this is not the final composition. Until the harvest can be invited by other players, and merely can not come to the team, as I plan to participate in the NBA draft.

Earlier it was reported that the national team of Ukraine on basketball topped the qualifying group for the world Cup 2019. June 28, our team will play with Turkey, and on 1 July the house will take Latvia.

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