Laziness called the key to success in Atlanta and gave advice to young players

Лень назвал ключ к успеху в Атланте и дал совет молодым игрокам

Ukrainian shared his opinion about the features of the game in the NBA.

Atlanta hawks center Alex Laziness commented on his team in the current NBA season, and also spoke about the decision of the head coach Lloyd Pierce, who helped Lenya disclosed.

“My teammates is the key to success on the court. I set screens, pass under the ring, and I know they will find me. We have an unselfish team in which everyone moves the ball, and all play correctly. When I play a few three-pointers on the court there are more possibilities. I can throw trehchasovye or play for someone else. I think coach Lloyd pierce has played a key role, allowing me to throw from behind the arc. It has been good for me.

Advice to young basketball players? We need to focus on the game. No matter what people think or what they say, it’s all about basketball. You have to work hard and try to become better every day. It’s the simple things. Don’t worry about everything happening on the street, just concentrate on basketball,” quoted Leon Рeachtreehoops.

Recall that in the current season averages of Leon for the match amount to 10.1 points and 5.6 rebounds. Also this season he threw 69 three-pointers, of which were 20.

Earlier it was reported that the episode involving Leon and player Philadelphia Jimmy Butler nearly ended in a fight.

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