Laziness played his best game of the season, mykhailiuk showed 100% accuracy with three-pointers

Лень сыграл лучший матч в сезоне, Михайлюк показал 100% точность трехочковых

Ukrainian foreign players, the NBA held a relatively good matches of the regular season.

Ukrainians Alexei Laziness and Sviatoslav mykhailiuk has had a good match in the regular championship of NBA for their clubs.

In the match for Atalanta vs Denver Laziness got 21 minutes of playing time, scoring 17 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 block-shot. Atlanta beat Denver 125:121.

For comparison, in nine games this season the average of Alexei was only 4 points per game and never more than 6 to date.

Mikhailyuk Detroit lost to Miami 108:117. Ukrainian 5 minutes scored 6 points, having both three-point attempts, making three rebounds and earned two fouls.

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