Lazy told, any of the NBA teams he had offers this summer

Лень рассказал, от каких команд НБА у него были предложения этим летом

Alex Laziness

Also the center of Atlanta said, what are the prospects in the NBA, his teammate – Mikhaylyuk.

Center Atlanta and the national team of Ukraine Alexei Laziness told where else he could be this offseason, and explained what Ukrainian basketball players attract American team.

“This summer I had several offers. The strongest team was Toronto. I think they will be in the playoffs this season. Also trained with the clippers.

In General, it was a lot of talk, but then I went from Atlanta, and I realized that this is the best opportunity for me. That’s where I will be able to get enough match practice.

This summer I spent a lot of the work on his throws. Basketball in the NBA is changing, and the classic center go from tactical constructions. Now everyone should be able to throw the distance. Even had to stop using social networks because not enough time.

The current basketball is very suitable to Svyatoslav Mikhailuk, so I think he will succeed in the NBA. He’s a great shooter who can throw with any pozitsiyah. Previously from Ukraine only took the center, because of our anthropometry, but for now, take these guys as Sacred. It means that our basketball is moving in the right direction,” said Sloth in an interview with the basketball Federation of Ukraine.

We will remind that on 14 September the national team of Ukraine will play next match of world Cup qualifiers-2019 against Spain.

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