LCD Greenville Park – maximum comfort in a single space and time

ЖК Greenville Park - максимальный комфорт в едином пространстве и времени

Residential complex “Sydney Park” is the embodiment of comfort and modern accommodation business class. It is self-contained, functional, conceptual new unique solution for the Ukrainian housing market.

The territory of the complex with a total area of 30 thousand m 2 is divided into three thematic zones, each of which has a separate and functional infrastructure, allowing people to live, work and play in the same space of harmony and positivity.

The project offers tenants with 664 apartments located in two buildings with a height of 26 floors each. This diversity allows future investors the flexibility to choose a plan option based on personal preferences and needs. From the Windows of the homes offer magnificent views of the Old Kiev, and the interior space is planned so that the residents feel comfort and ease from here embodied the concept of Work.Life.Balance. The comfort and harmony can be sensed in the air.

At the stage of planning and creation of the project of the residential complex, Kiev company-the developer and the developer NEST “Greenville Foundation green technologies” has identified the main objectives to realize such a project, whose uniform internal environment could allow residents to work and play without having to switch from one activity to another every day to feel comfortable not only in his apartment but also in the surrounding space. Developers Greenville Park consistently receive positive feedback from experts of the construction market, so that to doubt the final success of the project is not necessary.

Lounge area: luxury relaxation area with a Jacuzzi on the roof, as a special “highlight” of new buildings of Kiev

The lounge area is divided into several areas with different content: café outdoor barbecue area, a winter garden and Jacuzzi, all on the roof. This format allocates a residential complex predominantly:

• The LCD has its own “flavor”, which boasts a rare developer;
• Stunning views of the city, to enjoy which can only residents and their guests;
• Unique because of the special approach to the arrangement of the lounge area from developers.

Few people today can offer such a bold and unconventional decision, so it is once again talking about thinking outside the box of the sponsors and their ability to surprise spoiled consumer.

ЖК Greenville Park - максимальный комфорт в едином пространстве и времени

Sport area: in harmony with themselves and their body

According to numerous social surveys, two of the three modern buyers definitely pay attention to sports infrastructure when buying an apartment in a residential complex. People appreciate the concern for their health, and if there is an opportunity Jogging, Cycling, exercising at the gym, or your favorite sports game, then the complex is very much successful in comparison with competitors. In the LCD Greenville Park for all who are IN a healthy and active lifestyle, designed not just Playground, but an entire infrastructure including the ultra-modern box-transformer 3 in 1.

This format of the sport mega-space gives additional benefits:

• 6 playgrounds with unique game system for the harmonious development of children and acquire various physical skills
• Jogging tracks in parks for Jogging in the fresh air, Cycling and gyrometer;
• The opportunity to compete with friends in one of the makeshift tournaments on football, volleyball or basketball.
• Area a workout area and tennis courts.
• The fitness area and separate area for yoga enthusiasts.

And all these objects are surrounded by beautiful green areas, designed with the participation of leading designers of Ukraine.

For reviews, the Builder of the NEST, as well as his partner, always pay attention to opportunities not only for adults but also for children. A children’s area, educational club and games room – all this demonstrates the social responsibility of the developer itself and increases interest of buyers to the project, and, consequently, its attractiveness. Of course, it is expensive, but today parents consciously choose a good creative educational establishment with a really interesting program. The minimum set of children’s infrastructure in the residential Greenville Park includes two play areas, educational club with two age groups 3-7 and 7-11 years, special kids room with gaming systems around offices. In the future, the complex will be able to offer children and their parents a different kind of Studio with all sorts of clubs, educational centres, music schools and other places for the quality and fun learning.

Spend time in the residential complex “Sydney Park” near the hem can both adults and their children!

ЖК Greenville Park - максимальный комфорт в едином пространстве и времени

Business area: active work with no worries

The business area includes not only a stylish reception and a spacious co-working spaces on the first floors of the complex, but also specially equipped meeting and presentation rooms and a separate room for children.

Special benefits business area:

• The ability to keep the baby directly on site, without wasting time to take him to school or to take home;
• The possibility of holding seminars, presentations and business meetings in one of the dedicated it space;
• Absolute convenience for business process.

Residential complex “Sydney Park” in Kiev – unique in its concept, the object, which will be a great choice for people who haven’t had time to find their soul mate and young and established couples with children.

Clarification: Ilya Velichko, Director of commercial LCD Greenville Park:

Lviv together with our partners we are implementing a project that virtually no analogues on the market. Unique concept Work.Life.Balance allows us to create something beautiful and perfect in every way. A residential development that can offer such a well-developed infrastructure, is new to the Ukrainian investor.

Homogeneous environment of the residential complex is part of a larger residential complex “Pokrovsky Posad”. This gives residents plenty of benefits ranging open access to shared infrastructure, and ending with the possibility to Park the car in the spacious underground Parking. In addition, the LCD Greenville Park the first project in the capital, who allowed himself to take more than 1000 m2 is only made available to residents.

To read actual reviews about the LCD Greenville Park on the forums. Completion of the first homes is scheduled for late 2019. By this time, to be completed social, sporting and entertainment infrastructure. Today is built the 16th floor, open sales of apartments, more details on the website of the complex.