“LDNR” holding hundreds of hostages – human rights activists

"ЛДНР" держат сотню заложников - правозащитники

In the Donbas illegally held hundreds of hostages and prisoners

Most of the hostages, according to human rights activists, are civilians. Also among the illegally detained there are 13 Ukrainian military.

In uncontrolled Kiev part of the Donbass separatists hold not less than 89 civilian hostages. This coordiator Media initiative for human rights, Maria TOMAK, which identified these people, reported on his page in Facebook.

According to the organization, in the Luhansk region separatists hold 6 soldiers and 13 civilians. Most likely, people are held in Lugansk SIZO and the former building of the SBU (now so-called “MGB LNR”).

In the Donetsk region in captivity nahodyvsya seven 76 prisoners of war and civilian hostages, probably in the detention center of Donetsk, Makeyevka correctional colony No. 32, Snezhnyanskiy penal colony №127, as well as in the occupied space of the art center Insulation.

Among the hostages – Ukrainian journalist, author of Radio Liberty Stanislav Aseev (Vasin), who is in custody, according to various estimates, from may or June 2017. In addition, human rights activists have called the names of some Ukrainian soldiers, held in captivity for nearly four years.

"ЛДНР" держат сотню заложников - правозащитники


Ukraine offers Russia exchange according to the formula 89 42

Earlier, the Ukrainian predstvitel in the TAG said that the separatists disrupted the exchange of prisoners and hostages in the Donbas.


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