Leak from Google+. Failure of the company’s products

Утечки из Google+. Провальные продукты компании

Google during its existence has produced dozens of projects that failed or were closed for other reasons.

Google closes its Google+ social network launched in 2011. The reason was the breach in security that compromised hundreds of thousands of users of the platform.

The vulnerability was found back in the spring, but the company is silent about it to not get a fine from the European Union because of a General regulation on data protection, as well as to appear before the U.S. Senate.

But this week information on hidden vulnerabilities in the press. The answer, laloo Google announcement about the closure of the social network Google+. Корреспондент.net recalls and other failures of the company.


Google Answers

Утечки из Google+. Провальные продукты компании

Questions and answers Google Answers who worked in 2002-2006. The user asked a question, and the answer ultimately offer a reward of two about 200 dollars, of which a quarter of Google was left to himself.

In the opinion of management, Google Answers over time has become obsolete, as the Internet appeared a huge number of similar services.

A Russian version of the service that nazyvalas Questions and answers, lasted until 2014.

“Questions and answers were developed when the Internet was not enough useful information in the languages of some countries. However, the situation has changed and there are many similar services, in which users themselves can create content. Questions and answers that you previously added, will continue to be available for searching and browsing, and the new will not be accepted”, – explained in the company.


Google Video

Утечки из Google+. Провальные продукты компании

In 2005 Google launched a service to quickly search mediatelecom. Users can upload their files and download other.

After a year, Google acquires YouTube, which has become the most popular video hosting on the Internet. However, only in 2012 the company abandoned Google Video, perezaliv all of the content in YouTube.


Google Reader

Утечки из Google+. Провальные продукты компании

RSS news aggregator was one of the few popular prodcuts, closed Google. For seven years the users to browse articles from news sites and blogs, collecting them into a single tape.

After the information about the closure of Google Reader in the Internet appeared the petition with the requirement to keep the service. The most popular of them scored more than 100 thousand signatures.

However, according to Google “killed” Reader to redirect your audience in Google+.


Google Lively

The service was a Lively virtualnyj a world where 3D avatars of real people could communicate with each other. Created worlds can be added to a web page in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

One small room could hold up to 20 people who spoke in the General chat. Virtual world Google Lively launched in 2008, but in the same year the project was closed.



Утечки из Google+. Провальные продукты компании

In 2005 Google bought Dennis Crowley and Alex Rainert service Dodgeball intended for Chekina in certain locations to friends and acquaintances knew about the location of the user.

Two years later, Crowley is leaving Google and creates poony Foursquare is gaining much more popularity than its predecessor. In 2009, Dodgeball was shut down.


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