LeBron: all-star game in 2018 will differ from the previous

ЛеБрон: Матч всех звезд-2018 будет отличаться от предыдущих

LeBron James

The leader of Cleveland shared his expectations from the Match of all stars.

Cleveland forward LeBron James vowed to do everything possible to the upcoming all-star game in Los Angeles wore a competitive nature.

Recall, LeBron will start the all-star game for the 14th time in a row and it is a record of the NBA. Also, James is the captain of a team and select its members.

“In recent years, the all-star game was not as it should be. I, of course, the rest of the guys will arrive at the site and play the game as it should be, we will fight for the victory. The fans deserve it,” James was quoted by ESPN.

Earlier it was reported that Golden state point guard Stephen Curry said, who wants to take his team to the all-star game.

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