LeClair brought Ferrari’s first win of the season

Леклер принес Феррари первую победу в сезоне

Charles LeClair produced a debut win in Formula 1, winning in Belgium.

Monegasque racer Charles Leclerc got his first victory in Formula 1, winning the Grand Prix of Belgium.

Charles won the qualification and confidently held the lead at the start, where Vettel and Hamilton behind him twice swapped positions, left in the end at their starting locations.

The loser of the first round was Max Verstappen, who broke his suspension in the clash with Raikkonen and retired. Yes, and Kimi, though, and continued the race, but due to injuries couldn’t drive at a normal pace. For leaving max, the road appeared seyfiti car, which the riders rode five laps.

After the restart Leclere confidently went into the lead and continued until the wave of pit stops. First, Pete went to Vettel, who on the new tires showed such a high tempo that after the pit stop LeClair exactly SEB came in 1st place.

However, Vettel somehow quickly wear out the tires but on fresh tires quickly overtook Vettel, and the team asked the pilot to skip a partner without a fight. In the end, SEB didn’t have enough tires to finish the race and had more time to get back to the pits, which he finished only fourth. Vettel for some time worked for the team, holding Hamilton and giving LeClair a chance to build the lead. When SEB went into the pits, Charles by the time he received the lead of 6.5 seconds for 12 laps before the finish.

Hamilton gradually reduced the gap and at the end of the pilot Ferrari for one lap before the finish had a margin of just 1.5 seconds, but the young racer still coped with the pressure and crossed the finish line first.

The leaders also happened a lot of interesting pilots overtook, changed their positions because of the different tactics, and the last round and even turned out weird. Due to problems with the machines stopped Lando Norris, who for much of the race was the fifth, and Giovinazzi that in the end of the race made a few overtaking manoeuvres, came in eighth position, but smashing cars.

But rider of the day was LeClair. He was close to winning in Bahrain and Austria, and now finally managed to get a debut win. She was the first for Ferrari this season. Let’s see if Ferrari can develop their advantage in a week at my home race in Italy.

Леклер принес Феррари первую победу в сезоне

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