LeClair’s contract with Ferrari is calculated up to 2022

Контракт Леклера с Феррари рассчитан до 2022 года

Charles LeClair signed with the Italian team the contract for a period of three years.

The head of Ferrari, Maurizio Arrivabene has hinted that a contract with Charles LeClair will be calculated to the season in 2022.

“When you make this choice, it cannot be designed for short-term obligations. A long-term agreement cannot be calculated until the next year, we are talking about the future of the team and how is work with young talents.

LeClair is one of the most gifted drivers in Formula 1. Fortunately, he grew up with us. I hope that his career in a Ferrari, will last at least until 2022. But you can make a mistake, giving him a lot of pressure. This could be a huge mistake”, — quotes the words Arrivabene Planet F1.

We will remind, from next season, LeClair Ferrari to replace Raikkonen, who will go to Zauber.

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