Legendary Becker sells his trophies to pay off debt

Легендарный Беккер продает свои трофеи, чтобы расплатиться с долгами

Boris Becker

German tennis player owes over 60 million euros.

Legendary tennis player Boris Becker decided to sell all his trophies, including the winner of Wimbledon, to at least partially pay off its existing debts. Besides, German tennis player planned to sell his home, reports The Sun.

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According to the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Becker owes creditors around 61 million euros. The list included 14 people and several organizations.

The largest debt Becker is 37 million euros, which requires the return of German-Swiss businessman Hans-Dieter Cleven.

In June 2017, Becker was recognized by the London court of bankruptcy at the suit of Bank Arbuthnot Latham & Co for the sum of £ 9 million.

The reason for the financial collapse of the star were unsuccessful financial investment, as well as divorce proceedings. He had to pay more than 10 million euros to his ex-wife Barbara, and to pay two million Russian model Angela Ermakova, which from his daughter.

According to the materials: