Legion corruption. As the GPU and NABOO deputies caught

Легион коррупции. Как ГПУ и НАБУ депутатов ловят

For more than two years of operation, the current Parliament has seen a lot of attempts to bring MPs to criminal liability.

For the first time in the history of Ukraine deputies are trying massively to bring to criminal responsibility for taking bribes, deriban land, tax evasion, says Valery Litvinski in No. 23 of the journal Correspondent. However, the attempts of the Prosecutor General and the NEB is unlikely to be successful: most of the suspects, the Parliament simply will not give up.

Lunch time. In elite restaurant “Three forks” in the center of Kiev sitting MP from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko Boryslav Rozenblat and talked to the girl. After talking with the Deputy, the girl got up and moved to a nearby table to guard Rosenblatt. She handed him the bag, which was two hundred thousand dollars. After that, the restaurant had staff of the National anti-corruption Bureau. Guard Rosenblatt was detained, but most people’s Deputy publicly accused of accepting bribes for the decision of a question on licensing of production of amber.

Rosenblat met this girl not for the first time. Were they already in the “Three forks”, and in other city restaurants “not for everyone”. Only the MP did not know that the girl who was presented to him by the employee of the company “Fujairah” from the UAE, plan to establish the export of amber from Ukraine, in fact, the agent NABOO undercover. With the support of the American FBI anti-corruption Bureau six months led business “big amber” schema. All correspondence, negotiations and meetings the defendants in the case recorded, filmed.

Version NABOO, Rosenblatt for the money contracted to develop a scheme for the extraction and export of amber abroad. The agent of NABOO, working undercover, he took the money to bribe various officials providing approvals. And to modify laws to create preferences for an Arab company, which allegedly introduced his new business partner.

Легион коррупции. Как ГПУ и НАБУ депутатов ловят

Deputy Boryslav Rozenblat

Along the way, Rosenblatt went into a rage, and he decided to participate in the production and export of amber abroad. To withdraw money the MP has even created an offshore company, the share of which was written by sister Helen Rosenblatt. Agent NABS undercover for that she gave a copy of the passport of a relative of the MP. Bribes Rosenblatt was planning to give officials Gosgeonedr, Goslesagentstvo, as well as prosecutors and judges in Zhytomyr region, where he actually was planning to get amber.

In the end, for six months, Rosenblatt delivered about 300 thousand dollars. Rooms each of the notes who received the MP through his guard, rewritten and occupy eight pages of the criminal case. Now the General Prosecutor’s office asked the Verkhovna Rada to deprive Rosenblatt immunity to allow his arrest. The people’s Deputy-antarsya faces up to twelve years in prison.

Sacred sacrifice of power?

For more than two years of work the last convocation of Parliament has seen a lot of attempts to bring MPs to criminal liability. But the Deputy of the faction of power – the “block of Petro Poroshenko”, the idea of removal of inviolability enjoyed for the first time. And Rosenblatt is not an ordinary member of the BPP. He is one of the main public speakers of the faction: being a businessman and a millionaire was considered, in particular, and her sponsor.

Rosenblatt was elected to the deputies on the majority district in Zhytomyr region. It’s called a close friend to Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko. He entered Parliament for the district, which formerly Zubko became a Deputy. In the presidential elections in 2014 Rosenblat was a confidant of President Petro Poroshenko.

However, according to the head of the Center on counteraction of corruption Vitaly Shabunin, the evidence against Rosenblat collected so thoroughly that, despite it, deputies will be difficult to deny the prosecutors in the lifting of his immunity. “It has documented half a year, this is the first in the country’s history such a large scale operation where the undercover agent, there’s all the bills have been rewritten, all calls are recorded. If a detailed commit crimes, the Parliament did not give permission for the removal of immunity, what then to speak. The best evidence not find” – said Shabunin.

At the same time, Rosenblatt can be indicative sacrificed power for the sake of demonstration of progress in the fight against corruption. “Rosenblatt can easily donate. The President can give the order to demonstrate that no one is untouchable, even in his camp”, – noted in conversation with the Correspondent the political scientist Anatoly Artisyuk.

The Deputy himself, of course, denies all charges and says the case against him – revenge “amber mafia” for his attempts to translate the extraction of amber in the lawful course. He says that nowhere in the country is not going to run and will protect your reputation. Although the rumors are that in case Rozenblat has an Israeli passport.

“Sidekick” of the popular Front

The organization of “amber” schema, according to the NEB, Rosenblatt did not act alone. His accomplice was a Deputy from another Pro-government faction “people’s Front” Maxim Polyakov. The Poles introduced Rosenblatt agent NABOO, who worked undercover. By the way, representation on removal of inviolability from deputies, the girl called Svetlana Sivokon, but he Rosenblat calls her Catherine, and said he did not know the name of the person, with whom he spent six months talking on amber issues.

Polyakova accused of receiving bribes much smaller – just seven and a half thousand dollars. Assistant Polyakova Tatyana Lubenko that have been arrested, the money was transferred as an agent of NABOO. He was paying for the revisions of Tax and Customs codes – they included a decrease in rent for the use of subsoil for mining from 25% to 5%. Another agent NABOO wanted exemption from taxes on importation of equipment for industrial production of amber.

Interestingly, some of the money Poles instructed to spend on buying two new iPhones for himself and his wife. Assistant bought smartphones in the Royal Service for 1900 dollars, the serial numbers of the devices have with investigators. It seems that Polyakov it is time to change phone.

However, experts believe the removal of immunity Polyakov, who also faces up to twelve years, is problematic. It is called the man of a conditional “group, Nikolay Martynenko” – the main sponsor of the popular Front, of which the NAB is also trying to prosecute. The poles said that the case against him was fabricated and is a personal revenge on the part of the anti-corruption Bureau of Artem Sytnik.

“Popular Front Polyakova will not take, they have a clear position,” says artisyuk. But in the case of the removal of immunity Rosenblatt, failure Verhovnoi welcome in the prosecution of Polyakov will look strange – because they are defendants in one case.

Life beyond their means

Two views against the deputies of the Prosecutor General’s office is not limited. All of them submitted to the Verkhovna Rada for as much as six. One more Deputy from “popular Front” Eugene Dade NABOO suspected of illicit enrichment. To such conclusions the militiamen came after the verification of the electronic Declaration of the MP. Deidei do MP rather peculiar. Before the Revolution of Dignity, he was convicted of robbery in the Odessa region, but after independence became the coordinator of the volunteer battalion “Kyiv-1” in the interior Ministry and then got into Rada. Deidei is included into group of influence of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. In this case, if the criminal record is removed from the MP to the end and not clear.

According to the Declaration of Dade for the period from 14 September 2007 to 31 December 2016 his income with his wife amounted to 1.4 million UAH. But this did not prevent the MP and his wife in 2015 – 2016 to podupirati in common joint ownership only officially confirmed assets worth more than six million hryvnia. It turns out that the waste of a family of Dade is four times higher than total income.

The MP and his wife were able to buy an apartment in Kiev for 2.8 million and a two car Audi Q7 – the cost of each exceeds half a million. According to the electronic returns filed by Dade for 2015 and 2016 years, his wife took 3.5 million in debt to businessman Igor Lynch. By a strange coincidence, Lynch – assistant to the other Deputy from the popular Front of Denis Zensursula. The NEB published a recording of telephone conversations of Lynch and a video of his interrogation. Of them it is clear that the entrepreneur is not familiar with the wife of Dade, he couldn’t even remember how and when I gave her the money. Of the loan agreement, according to Lynch, either. Although the Deydey said that he allegedly has, but refuses to publish it. In telephone conversations that were recorded by law enforcement, the entrepreneur consulted, what should be his answers to the detectives NAB.

In fact, the case of Dada – that’s what in Ukraine and created the system of electronic declarations. Expenses do not meet the income where the money came from the people’s Deputy can not clearly explain, instead, he keeps talking about the “Georgian mafia in NABOO,” which him for something revenge. On questioning NEB Deidei 20 out of 21 questions answered – I do not remember. He could not remember, nor what his fleet or if he owns some property.

But the system resists, the popular Front through the Procedural Committee of Parliament, headed by their spokesman, strongly delays consideration of the submission on the removal of immunity from the Dade. The Committee view is not approved, not rejected, and returned it to the GPU. This is done in order to avoid consideration of the matter in the hall. The deputies realize that prosecution for illicit enrichment following a thorough verification of electronic declarations can threaten not only Dade, and to shield his colleague.

Another view on the removal of immunity associated with the income of the Deputy, the Prosecutor General’s office filed against Andrey Lozovoy from the Radical party. To prosecute the GPU trying for a long time, allowing the radicals to talk about political repression.

He is suspected of tax evasion. According to investigators, he owed the state about 1.9 million UAH of unpaid taxes. In 2015, the people’s Deputy declared cash in the amount of 800 thousand, $ 50 thousand and 150 thousand euros, as well as 24 items of valuable personal property. According to estimates NABOO declared Lozovo property and money in General account for about 8.8 million hryvnias. While the official income of the MP over the period from 2007 to 2015 destabilise 234 thousand UAH. They Lozova taxes paid, but with 8.8 million hryvnia – no.

“Tax evasion does not provide for imprisonment. He is in prison will not sit down, even if convicted”, – noted in conversation with the Correspondent Vitaly Shabunin. Similar story was with Deputy Gennady Legumes. Its GPU is also accused of tax evasion, in the end, the MP paid the required amount and the case was closed. But willow, I guess there’s not going to pay.

Experts note: in Parliament there are more delinquent taxes than willow, so the case against him may be part of a political plan. “He can remove the immunity because of the Radical party are likely to do systemic opposition and pull Lyashko in the second round in the presidential election of 2019. This is necessary in order to prevent the second round, along with Poroshenko Timoshenko”, – says Anatoly Artisyuk. According to the social survey, the leader of the radicals Oleg Lyashko really comfortable opponent for Petro Poroshenko in the second round of the upcoming presidential race.

At the same time, it is believed that if the government wanted to create the appearance of pressure on the radicals, was brought to liability would Lyashko himself and not his right hand. In addition, a reason could be found more significant than tax evasion.

Old friends

Two views on the removal of immunity filed against members of the previous ruling regimes. Moreover, both representations relate to land issues. Former Secretary of city Council Oles Dovgy is accused of abuse of office in disposing of the 44 hectares of land on the island of Zhukov in the capital in 2007. It is famous in Kiev land scheme since Leonid Chernovetsky, a staunch ally whom Dovgy was. In the GPU I believe that the losses to the state from illegal activities Dovgy amounted to 81.7 million.

One of the Opposition bloc leaders Mikhail Dobkin accused of abuse of office in 2008 when he was the mayor of Kharkiv. According to investigators, under the leadership Dobkin had been illegally alienated and 61,2 16,5 hectares of land in the city. The damage state is estimated at 48.3 and 178,6 million hryvnia, respectively.

Dovgy is threatened by imprisonment for a term of 3 to 8 years, Dobkin – up to 12 years. But the problem is that in both cases, the decision on the alienation of lands received a collegiate body – the Kyiv and Kharkiv city councils, local MPs voted for this decision. If we accept personal responsibility Dobkin or Dovgy, you will also be able to review thousands of solutions from other local councils or even the Parliament.

Advertising activity

Such a massive representation on removal of immunity of deputies and bringing them to justice can be associated with the attempt of law enforcement to demonstrate the effectiveness of their work. In addition, Parliament was working just a week before a long break, so the GPU tried to make all of their cases.

Yuriy Lutsenko was always accused of ostentatious work and try to create a beautiful picture. Six views on the accountability of MPs is a beautiful and loud newsworthy. “It is clear that Lutsenko wants now to show effective results, and prove that the position of attorney General for him not the last”, – said political analyst Taras Berezovets. The political ambitions of the head of the GPU is really serious. He already stated that he plans to run the Prosecutor General for another six months, the most heated rumors about a possible imminent resignation of Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

Легион коррупции. Как ГПУ и НАБУ депутатов ловят

Yuriy Lutsenko is aiming to premiere?

Vitaly Shabunin considers that Lutsenko sees the success of NABOO and tries to show that the structure can also be effective in the fight against corruption. “When working one law enforcement Agency, it is very difficult not to work others, especially if their leaders want to have a political future as Yuri Lutsenko. When no one works, in principle, get used to it. Appeared NABOO – and the others are forced to show the result, or at least to create the appearance of this result,” – says the head of the Center of counteraction of corruption.

Report to supervisors

Time submission to the Parliament the first five submissions against the deputies coincided with the visit of the President of Petro Poroshenko in the United States. The fight against corruption in Ukraine was discussed at the meetings in Washington, and the U.S. side has publicly called on Kiev to intensify work in this area.

“Washington today do not satisfied, how is the prosecution of corrupt officials, generally the General course of the fight against corruption, and so perhaps these views have been specially tailored to the visit of Peter Poroshenko in Washington. On the other hand, it worked – our interlocutors in the Senate, with whom I spoke, they expressed cautious optimism … if it means that will be involved not just six, some, and indeed the MPs – this will be a very powerful signal of America respectively, will react to it, highlighting the following assistance and new loans”, – said Berezovets.

Легион коррупции. Как ГПУ и НАБУ депутатов ловят


In addition, according to experts, the US would particularly insist on the completion of the investigation against the Rosenblatt and Polyakov in the American consultants were directly involved. So this case can be fundamental for them.

The eternal question

Immunity is only the first step in attracting members to justice. And as practice shows, do not necessarily follow any more steps. The Parliament can remove the immunity of a Deputy, but not allow the detention or arrest. The current convocation of the Parliament deprived of immunity have five deputies, but none of them were never convicted. The former party of regions Sergey Klyuev and Alexander Onishchenko fled the country after the lifting of immunity. The representative of the Radical party Ihor Mosiychuk was admitted through the court overturned the removal of immunity for violations of procedural norms. Vadim Novinsky from the Opposition block was not awarded a suspicion, although the immunity was dropped six months ago. And only the case against the former commander of the battalion “Aydar” Sergey Melnichuk submitted to the court.

In any case, parliamentary immunity creates an obstacle to the rapid prosecution of deputies. With its help, the MPs can just leave the country and escape punishment, even in the case of a positive decision of the Parliament.

To cancel parliamentary immunity promised by almost all political parties now included in the Parliament. On Constitution Day again urged the President. But deputies continue from the last forces cling to your immune system.

“I don’t see the political will in order to waive immunity, everybody talks about it, but all MPs – opposition, Pro-government – agree that they can just talk about it, it’s just talk. Everyone wants to have a guarantee that with them nothing will happen,” – says Berezovets.

No cancellation of the integrity and comprehensive reform of the judiciary fight against top corruption in Ukraine and will be conducted in the feed Facebook and on the TV screens, while remaining, primarily, a source for PR, not real work.