Legislative spam. That the Council had sent to the COP

Законодательный спам. Что Рада отправила в КС

The Verkhovna Rada sent to the constitutional court a series initiated by Vladimir Zelensky proposals for amendments to the Constitution.

Not a single immunity. The Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday, September 3, again a shock vote. At this time for amending the Constitution, offered by President Vladimir Zelensky.

According to the procedure of these offers first you need to send to the constitutional court here, Happy and directed. Were all in standard mode: the opposition screaming about the meaningless sentences Zelensky, a fraction of the Servant of the People just voted for.

What nagolosovali, systematize Correspondent.net.

Reduction Happy

The Parliament sent to the constitutional court a draft law on reducing the constitutional composition of the Verkhovna Rada and the consolidation of a proportional electoral system.

The document proposes to amend two articles of the Constitution. Article 76 – prescribe: “the constitutional composition of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine or three hundred people’s deputies of Ukraine who are elected for a period of five years.” Now the number of MPs is 450.

In article 77 of the planned rate, which is fixed in the parliamentary elections proportional representation system. Now has a mixed electoral system. Half the Rada was elected by party lists, half in majority constituencies.

Rada of the previous convocation adopted the electoral code, which also introduces a proportional electoral system with the next parliamentary cycle, but Zelensky has still not signed it into law.

The punishment for members

The Parliament sent to the constitutional court a draft law on the additional grounds of early termination of powers of MP.

The document envisages amendments to article 81 of the Constitution.

Zelensky proposes to terminate the powers of a national Deputy in the following cases:

– non-personal voting in the Parliament subject to the establishment of such fact by the court.

– absence without valid reasons at the third plenary meeting of Parliament or Committee of Parliament in a single session; in this case the authority terminates the Supreme court.

– the termination of citizenship or departure for permanent residence outside the state; in this case the authority terminates Glad.

The laws from the people

The Parliament sent to the constitutional court a bill which proposes to give “people” the right to initiate in the Verkhovna Rada the draft laws, resolutions, amendments and proposals.

Now the right of legislative initiative belongs to the President, the Cabinet, MPs. Zelensky proposes to add to the list of “people”.

Legislative initiative is the right to submit to the Parliament drafts of laws, decrees, other acts of welcome, proposals and amendments to bills.

The President’s representative in constitutional court Fedor Venislavskiy at the time of submission of the bill called it “another form of democracy”, together with the procedures of the referendum and elections.

Venislavskiy explained that according to the Constitution, the bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in Ukraine is the people. Therefore, according to the team Zelensky, you need to give the people the right to initiate bills.

“After his (bill) making the people of Ukraine, in the amount and in the manner determined by law, will be able to initiate consideration in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the law that it deems important and necessary from the point of view of initiating the consideration of the Parliament”, – said Venislavsky.

Subsidiary bodies

The Verkhovna Rada sent to the constitutional court a draft law on Advisory, consultative and other subsidiary bodies of the Verkhovna Rada.

Zelensky proposes to expand the powers of the Rada and give her the right to create subsidiary bodies of the Parliament “within the funds envisaged in the state budget of Ukraine”.

The project involves the amendments to article 85 of the Constitution.

In the explanatory note to the bill stated that changes to the Constitution needed to reform the system of bodies responsible for the operation of Parliament as the sole body of legislative power in Ukraine.