Legwinski commented on failures in the system of e-Declaration

Логвинский прокомментировал сбои в системе е-декларирования

MP George Legwinski in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 02.11.16

The people’s Deputy from “popular front” George Legwinski believes that the base of the e-Declaration is questionable. He declared it on air “Evening Prime” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“When the system is crooked, then the system is someone who has a name. I’d really like to see those who did it crooked, we saw the first step away from our law enforcement officers who would respond to these questions. I filled (e-Declaration) exclusively at night. I’m an honest citizen started to work on my office computer, so I had to ask every night to put me on the Committee. Missed me on the Committee, and at night I filled out this Declaration. And I realized what the problem is. Because the system operates on American time. And when they had time, and then it worked, and the day – sorry. De facto, if you ask the international norm and the national, that is, the General rule is that if the government cannot ensure the rights of its citizens, it cannot take with it any obligations,” he said.

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“I really did not like that the system made me such errors, I wrote that the city of Sevastopol in Ukraine. No less offensive to me to see in my e-Declaration I have added another daughter. Just duplicated the label, and another daughter appeared. It seems to me that this is a major reason to attract those who have created a system that failed to provide all the necessary technical processes. This enables even the corrupt to say that the accuracy of the data in the system is not objective and cannot be the basis for criminal or other responsibility,” he added.

According to him, “many took it as an indulgence”.

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“I doubt that 12, 120 or 1,200 people will be able to check 120 thousand declarations as required. This checking business enterprise lasts about 2-3 weeks. Let’s say, one inspector 2-3 weeks for 120 thousand people. I do not see such mechanisms in reality. Data declarations are questionable, because the base itself was in doubt. Legal documents, clarification is also in doubt… This is the right step that needs a long time to evolve. Many took this as an indulgence, I’ll write more before, less will pay later, just in case as anything can happen in our country. Therefore, I do not see great results but will open criminal proceedings”, – he added.

Recall, the National Agency on corruption prevention plans to modify the software of the electronic Declaration system.

Логвинский прокомментировал сбои в системе е-декларирования
Логвинский прокомментировал сбои в системе е-декларирования

Логвинский прокомментировал сбои в системе е-декларирования