Leonardo DiCaprio ate steak after reading lectures about vegetarianism

Леонардо Ди Каприо съел стейк после прочтения лекции о вегетарианстве

Leonardo DiCaprio

Fans of the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio has found his idol, eating steak pie and chips, shortly after the actor gave a lecture on the benefits of vegetarianism at the ceremony, Scottish Business Awards in Scotland, reports The Sun.

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In his speech, DiCaprio praised the new documentary “Cowspiracy” (“Statesaver”), which refers to the harm of killing animals for the environment, and urged the audience to go on a vegetarian diet.

After the speech, Leo went in the restaurant the Chop and Ale House, where he ordered a steak.

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As previously reported, DiCaprio has produced a documentary, which starred in the title role. The picture shows Leonardo DiCaprio, traveling to different countries and tell about a global catastrophe that threatens the planet because of the pollution and environmental destruction by industrial corporations.