Leonenko: Seleznev could not pass the game

Леоненко: Селезнев не мог сдать игру

Viktor Leonenko

Ex – footballer Dynamo Viktor Leonenko considers absurd the accusations of the Kuban striker Yevhen Seleznyov to surrender matches

“Those who say this, it is necessary to remember one simple thing: the attackers do not pass matches. They pass the goalkeepers and defenders. As Seleznyov had to surrender the game? NOT to score a goal? The accusation is so stupid that its not even worth commenting.

Seleznev himself to blame for what happened. In the river were just crazy contracts. Kolomoysky paid the money, and the task before the team did not put. A few years players can play for free. It’s not the workers at the plant. He should’ve known better. To go to the Kuban, which is lagging in last place, and also the months where they don’t pay cash. The situation is better than Dnipro?

But Zozulya, rotan, Fedetskiy had the brains three or four months to wait and not to go anywhere to Euro. Seleznyov went after the big money. Listened to the wife? What now?

The Euro Fomenko it will not take, you can be sure. Not he decides who to take. It is necessary to search for a new club. To prove to everyone that you’re not an alcoholic, what he is accused of Kuban.

I will say more: In Russia it nobody watched. Our coaches do not follow the legionaries. A couple of times Sheva went to Germany and all. The same situation with Boyko. His father told me that name was in Dynamo and Besiktas. He chose Turkey. On the European championship it is accepted, but the role of deep emergency. And here would be on everyone’s mind“ – quoted by Leonenko Gazeta.ua

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the Russian Kuban accused Seleznev in the delivery of the games in the championship of Russia.

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