Levchenko about the record of Ukraine: Knew ready to do it

Левченко о рекорде Украины: Знала, что готова это сделать

Yulia Levchenko

Yulia Levchenko commented on his successful performance at the Christmas starts.

Ukrainian athlete Yulia Levchenko Christmas starts in Kiev started the season with updates from the youth record of Ukraine, taking the bar at a height of 1.97 meters and breaking the record of Irina Mikhalchenko standing since 1994.

“At first it was hard to jump: cold, scary, little attempts, I would like to have more. Only 1,94 – of 1.97 felt that I finally warmed up and came in condition. When moving to 1.94 meters, no unnecessary thoughts was not. Overcame them on the first attempt, there is already one in the sector and decided to continue the competition.

Next was height of 1.96 meters. I was asked to move a bit higher – at the height of the standard for the world indoor Championships, I wanted to reiterate it. Was the psychological moment with the setting itself: when one rises the height that means something to you, in my head there are many thoughts. I wanted to overcome them. And while the coach next to me while have the opportunity to have someone to ask and get the advice you need to enjoy these moments.

In the first two attempts by 1.97 I still watched, I could not, but felt that close to overcoming them. Leaving on the third, thought better to jump now and itself to show that it is not difficult and I’m able to do, know that they are ready”, – quotes the words Levchenko official website of the athletics Federation of Ukraine.

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