Levchenko has won silver of the European championship in athletics

Левченко завоевала серебро чемпионата Европы по легкой атлетике

Two more Ukrainian women stopped in a step from medals in the high jump.

The Ukrainian Yulia Levchenko won the silver medal at the European Championships in athletics in the room, which ended in Glasgow.

In sector for high jumps Levchenko won silver, losing only to the leader of the sector by the other Russian Maria Laecken.

The battle for the medals began at the height of 1.94 m it took six athletes, including three Ukrainka (Yulia Levchenko, Irina Gerashchenko and Katerina Tabachnik). Following the height of 1.97 m took four and none of them turned out Irina Gerashchenko, who was fifth.

Height 1.99 m, “conquered” two female athletes – Maria Laecken on the first attempt, but our Yulia Levchenko from the second. Alas, Katerina Tabashnik due to the fact that the height of 1.97 m took only three attempts, lost the bronze Irene will Palsite from Lithuania, becoming the fourth.

A serious fight for the gold did not work – Laecken at the second attempt took the height of 2.01 m, while Levchenko thrice knocked down the bar at this height.

Thus, Ukraine has completed the Championships with five medals – silver in jumping height was won by Andriy Protsenko, bronze in the triple jump was won by Olha saladukha, and Marina beh-Romanchuk and Olga Lyahova won bronze in the long jump and 800 metres.

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