Levchenko: I do Not understand how bad the technique was able to win silver

Левченко: Не поняла, как с плохой техникой смогла завоевать серебро

Yulia Levchenko

Yulia Levchenko spoke about the emotions when they overcome a height of 2.01 meters at the world Championships.

Ukrainian athlete, who won the silver medal of the world championship in the high jump was surprised with the result and admitted that he was not in top form. Ukrainka also shared plans for 2018.

“It was unbelievable. I don’t remember that moment because I was so surprised. When I ran, I thought about my bad technique, I thought that on a third attempt I’ll try better. But I have somehow managed to overcome the second of those two meters.

I tried to concentrate, to be strong and it is very difficult when you’re young. Because many people think: “She’s still quite young, in the future it will be a good jumper.” But in my head I was older.

This medal was important for my country. Now in Ukraine is not luchshiy times, so I hope that my medal has inspired someone or got distracted on the positive emotions.

In 2018 I will represent Ukraine at the world Championships and Europe, will try to perform well,” – said Levchenko in interst BBC.

Earlier it was reported that Yulia Levchenko broke the youth record of Ukraine, lasted 24 years.

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