Levchenko: I Think that the class of the miner above, than at Feyenoord

Левченко: Считаю, что класс Шахтера выше, чем у Фейеноорда

Evgeniy Levchenko (left)

Yevhen Levchenko has estimated the chances of a miner to succeed in the match with Feyenoord.

Former player of the Dutch Groningen and the national team of Ukraine Yevhen Levchenko has shared his expectations from the upcoming match of the group stage of the Champions League between Shakhtar and Feyenoord:

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“Actually, Feyenoord have nothing to lose. If you look at how evolved the game in Rotterdam, it was predictable that Shakhtar will win with one goal difference. For me the game was completely understandable, because the miner class, I believe, higher than Feyenoord, with all due respect to the Dutch club. The minus for them is that did not play some players in defense are regulars. Talking about Botteghin, van der Heiden – players who are currently injured and not playing. Feyenoord on the individual players, of course, inferior to the miner. The maximum objective for the miner to score in two meetings with Feyenoord six points. 50% is performed. I think that in Kharkov the game will be a little easier. Feyenoord have still not recovered some of the players. In the Cup game played by a lot of newcomers, in order to give rest to some players. In my understanding, Feyenoord though is counting on a good game, but hardly waiting for a miracle from the game. I think guests will focus on matches of the championship. The game against Ajax showed what the major problems are in the moment, Feyenoord,” – said Evgeny Levchenko’s interview terrikon.com

Note that the match of the 4th round of the group round of Champions League between Shakhtar – Feyenoord held on 1 November in the city of Kharkiv in the stadium of RSC Metalist. The opening whistle at 21:45.

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