Levchenko: When I was in the finals, something in the way, I remembered the ride

Левченко: Когда мне в финале что-то мешало, я вспоминала аттракцион

Yulia Levchenko

Ukrainian high jumper Yulia Levchenko commented on his silver world championship medal in athletics.

“I was determined, I wanted to jump, I realized that I have to give 100%. The errors didn’t have time so did what I could.

I was afraid at the time when he jumped 2.01 m Understood that I can take it, but I was scared. I still have the whole season and I don’t know if I will be able to withstand the stress with this result. But I’ve seen that really can become the second this was real and I didn’t want to lose the position. I will not tell you tried very ideal, so when I landed, I thought that 2.01 m such errors does not forgive, but out.

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Before the first attempt 2.01 I watched the fight, watched it evolving in the sector. I thought you are pondering how is this going to affect my health, because I wanted to avoid any injuries. I did what I was capable of and what brings me pleasure.

When we went to the stadium on the way, I saw the rides. There was one – is unrealistically high. I’m afraid of heights and it’s not for me. Passing by I thought okay, I’m going to the stadium and will do what he likes. The final between attempts when I was impossible to concentrate, I was thinking about this ride and was glad that I was here, not him.

Yes, I enjoyed it. Very afraid to make a mistake, wanted to concentrate, and I did. At first it was difficult, it was worse than in qualifying my feelings. I didn’t feel my feet, I didn’t understand what was happening, but then I realized that I didn’t want to jump the second or third attempt, so he took the altitude with the first”

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We will remind, Yulia Levchenko became the best athlete of Ukraine in July.

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