Levchenko with a personal record beat Laecken and won in Minsk

Левченко с личным рекордом обыграла Ласицкене и выиграла в Минске

Ukrainian athletes helped Europe to beat USA in the match meeting.

Ukrainian athletes successfully performed in Minsk on a match meeting athletics teams in Europe and the United States.

Just perfectly made by the representatives in the high jump – Yuliya Levchenko and Irina Gerashchenko. Julia first time in his career conquered the height of 2.02 meters and managed to beat the invincible, it would seem that the Russian Maria Laecken. In General, Laecken became only the third she showed the same figure with Gerashchenko 1.98 m, but lost to the Ukrainian’s previous heights.

The success of Levchenko and Gerashchenko was not an isolated victory in the women’s 400-meter hurdles with result 55,32 having won Anna Ryzhikova.

Olga Lyakhova the 800-meters competition with a score of 2.04,90 min was the second, second was Marina beh-Romanuk, who jumped into the length of 6.73 m.

European athletes won a match meeting, typing 724,5 points, representatives of team USA – 601,5.

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