Life as it is and the tape of the conqueror of the moon coming soon

Жизнь, как она есть и лента о покорителе Луны скоро в кинотеатрах

Movie premieres of the week, what to watch in the theaters?

The main premiere cinema in Kiev and Ukraine during the week of 15-21 October. Movie premieres this week Louis and aliens and the First people.

From 18 October 2018 in the movie, you can watch seven new Prime Minister: the German animated film “Louis and aliens”, a biographical drama with Ryan Gosling in the lead role of “First man,” a romantic drama with Antonio Banderas and Olivia Wilde ”Life as we know it”, Thriller, “Black for” with Vincent Cassel a Thriller “I can still see you”, the Ukrainian drama Sergey Loznitsa “Donbass”, the dramatic Thriller “Dangerous game Sloan”.

“Louis and aliens”

Жизнь, как она есть и лента о покорителе Луны скоро в кинотеатрах

“Louis and aliens” / photo:

Genre: animation

Directed by: Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein


The main character of the cartoon – 11-year-old Louis. He had problems in communication with peers, because his father Louis – ufologist who believes in aliens. The boy was laughing classmates, until it becomes clear that the extraterrestrial beings still there.

Louis met three cute aliens, who because of the disaster of its aircraft was on the Ground. New friends help the boy to escape the orphanage, in exchange for materials to repair the flying saucer. But this is only the beginning of exciting adventures.

“The first person”

Жизнь, как она есть и лента о покорителе Луны скоро в кинотеатрах

“The first man” / photo:

Genre: biographical drama

Director: Damien Cassel

Actors: Ryan Gosling

Some 50 years have passed since the person after the development of the planet, moved on to others. Yuri Gagarin – the first in world Soviet astronaut to conquer space. After this event, NASA began a race to the astronauts of the USSR and was engaged in the preparation of the American landing crew on the moon.

The Central character in the process acts as astronaut Neil Armstrong. Today, he is a hero who first set foot on the moon. But little is known about what high price he had to pay, sacrifices to become an American idol.

“Life as we know it”

Жизнь, как она есть и лента о покорителе Луны скоро в кинотеатрах

“Life as we know it” / photo:

Genre: romantic drama

Director: Dan Fogelman

Actors: Antonio Banderas, Olivia Wilde, Oscar Isaac, Annette Bening

Will and Abby live in new York, they had a long way to go to their family life, parenthood. At first will hesitated to ask a girl on a simple date, but their fates were bound together long before the meeting.

Suddenly, young people are at the point of intersection of the different destinies of people, separated by decades and continents. One event triggers invisible mechanism…in distant Spain.

The “black over”

Жизнь, как она есть и лента о покорителе Луны скоро в кинотеатрах

“Black stream” / photo:

Genre: Thriller

Director: Erick Zonca

Actors: Vincent Cassel, Romain Dyuris, Sandrine Kiberlain

The police Commissioner Francois Visconti is necessary to investigate the case about the disappearance of a teenager – Danny Arno. An experienced detective is used to suspect everyone, and now fall under suspicion: the sexy boy’s mother, a great father, a school teacher.

The latter especially don’t like the police for being too zealous part in the investigation. To find a child for Visconti is a matter of honour, because he himself is a sixteen-year-old son, with whom he is not very good but loves. The investigation comes to a standstill, the chances of finding a child less. Will it be possible to find the child and those responsible for his disappearance.

“I still see you”

Жизнь, как она есть и лента о покорителе Луны скоро в кинотеатрах

“I still see you” / photo:

Genre: Thriller

Director: Scott Speer

Actors: Bella Thorne, Dermot Mulroney, Richard Harmon

The film is based on the book by American writer Daniel waters, which tells about how the ghosts live side by side with people. All this happened after the Apocalypse that destroyed the line between the real and the spirit world.

Millions of dead people have not left the world of the living and exist quite peacefully with them. This continues for 9 years until schoolgirl Veronica gets a terrifying message from the dead. Now Roni is afraid for her life and a classmate asks Kirk to help her. It turns out that the girl contacted the killer, who now wants blood.


Жизнь, как она есть и лента о покорителе Луны скоро в кинотеатрах

“Donbass” / photo:

Genre: drama

Director: Sergei Loznitsa

Actors:Valery Andruce, George Deliev, Boris Kamorzin

About the Donbass in 2014 was known the world over. Still there are fighting. Every day in the East of Ukraine there are armed conflicts, separatist sabotage against civilians.

People are not easy to live with bandits and the military, it is difficult to understand who is right and who is wrong, who comes to their house with the world, and who is overwhelmed with hatred and thirst for violence. The film allows the viewer to plunge into this world where next: life and death, truth and falsehood, love and hate, drama and Comedy.

“A dangerous game Sloan”

Жизнь, как она есть и лента о покорителе Луны скоро в кинотеатрах

“A dangerous game Sloan” / photo:

Genre: dramatic Thriller

Director: John Madden

Actors: Jessica Cystein, Mark Strong, Sam Watterson

Elizabeth Sloan interesting and dangerous profession of lobbyist. The lady shark’s political business, which surprise opponents with unpredictable and risky. Ms. Sloan never loses, uses to do.

This is so as long as it is not taken for the most difficult in his career case – control weapons. A dangerous game could cost the stone of life, and therefore awaits her first ever defeat.

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