Like Neymar and Robinho with friends in football played

Как Неймар и Робиньо с друзьями в футбол поиграли

Brazilians Neymar and Robinho staged a charity match.

Neymar & Friends – Robinho and Friends, under the guise of Brazil held a Christmas charity match, the proceeds from which will also go to the club Epicoene tragically lost almost all its players in a plane crash.

The next day after the Barcelona forward tried on the costume of Batman with his Catwoman, he took part in the match, where “Tinker” even begging opponents.

Despite the fact that the captain of the Brazilian team started the match on the bench, he managed to distinguish himself from four goals.

And remembered by the audience individual actions.

Apart from Neymar and Robinho, in a match played a few of the stars of Brazilian football, including Kaka and Gabriel BOM Jesus.

Also in the match played a lot of Brazilian TV stars and show business.

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