Likely successor to Merkel questioned Nord stream-2

Вероятный преемник Меркель усомнился в Северном потоке-2

Friedrich Merz

The escalation in the relations between Moscow and Kiev raises questions about the feasibility of Nord stream-2.

In light of the escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine implementation of a joint with Russia gas pipeline project Nord stream – 2 is becoming more problematic. This confidence was expressed by the candidate on post of Chairman of the Christian democratic Union (CDU), Friedrich Merz at the regional conference of the party in Berlin.

“The stronger the escalation of the conflict, the more important becomes the question: is it right that we build this pipeline?” he said.

“Putin should know that we, at least think about this topic, if he continues to behave this way,” added Mertz.

Earlier, another contender and favorite for the post of Chairman of the CDU has not ruled out blocking the Western ports of Russia, if it is confirmed that in the Kerch conflict aggression came from Russia.

“The entrance of Russian vessels from the region of the Azov sea, in European or American ports will be closed until then, until the situation with Ukraine will not be allowed,” said Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

Earlier, Merkel said that Germany will be able to control the volume of gas supplied via the gas pipeline Nord stream-2.

Source: Russian service of DW


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