Liliya Rebrik became an advertising face of the company Evrodim

Лилия Ребрик стала рекламным лицом компании Evrodim

The company Evrodim, which is building cottage villages in the Kiev region has more than 12 years, now has its advertising face. They became Liliya Rebrik — Ukrainian actress that everyone knows as the leading talent show “everybody Dance!” On the STB.

Such a choice is carefully considered. After all, the man who will become the advertising face must be close to the spirit of the entire company. The main slogan Eurodom — “Building a family”. And who can better convey the essence of this slogan, not a happy wife and mother, a cherished dream, which was a private country house. Thus, Lily Rebrik, along with her husband Andrew Wild and 4-year-old daughter Diana, became the family that represents the family comfort.

Лилия Ребрик стала рекламным лицом компании Evrodim



By the way, the house in the city that now builds Evrodim for the family, they had acquired before the start of the campaign. Therefore, all comments and phrases in the address of the company are sincere and justified. He is now at the construction stage, each stage of which the family is actively informs its subscribers in social networks. Recently, for example, Lily and Andrew danced on the Foundation of his future giving, put this incendiary videos in Instagram.

Here is what Lily says about choosing a house outside the city: “I Hope that we are on the right track. It was our first family dream. I often in my head I paint a perfect picture. Thoughts tend to materialize. Must be able to think correctly and with details. In the thoughts of a country house such an important element was the forest. I really wish there was a lot of greenery, quiet, comfortable, so the birds were singing, and no hassles. We also dreamed of a huge terrace, where we all gathered, which may have increased over the years. We wanted our cottage was in a quiet and cozy place. Ideally close to forest and water. Constantly ask yourself the question: where can you find such a picturesque place? I admit, we did not hurry with the purchase: watched, pondered, and discussed. And always there was something wrong. But when we were in the cottage “Forest lake”, it was love at first sight”.

Лилия Ребрик стала рекламным лицом компании Evrodim

Cottage village “Forest lake”(C. Extra, Makarovskiy R-n)

The family took part in the filming of a commercial company Evrodim, which will soon appear on the Internet. He is fully imbued with care, love and harmony. Lily said that playing the role of a happy wife with her beloved husband, the most natural and most pleasant.

Also in Kiev and in the country you can see a lot of billboards with Lilija Rebrik in different ways. Interesting idea using the hashtag #decals #macasero #Tereshkova #ktdms #punebased forced to think not a passer and passing. But, as noted by the representatives of construction companies, nothing confusing and complex in the combinations of words since the lattice is not, is the essence of country living.

If you have been dreaming about family comfort in your own home, listen to the opinion of Lilia Rebrik and her family. Come to view houses in the cottage town near Kiev of your choice!

More information at the website or by phone: (044) 22-777-22, (097) 250-50-50.