Liliya Rebrik: “I dreamed about family, favorite work and a country house”

Лилия Ребрик: "Я мечтала о семье, любимой работе и загородном доме"

Liliya Rebrik told about his cherished desires. When in her life had a husband, a child, a favorite job and apartment, the whole family began to dream of a country house.

“As soon as we wanted a country house for a summer holiday, we immediately wanted to pack my bags, get in the car, loud music and to go out of town, so there was a feeling of travel. And let it be near Kiev, but far away from everyday life,” said Lily.

Now the company Evrodim builds a cottage for the star of the family in the cottage “Forest lake”. Lily, her husband Andrew, a daughter, Diana and their families often visit on the construction, as evidenced by social media posts. In late may, Lily has posted a video in which they dance with Andrew on the Foundation of their future giving. But at the end of June, she praised the builders of the company for efficiency and professionalism: “we Arrived on SUNDAY at our COTTAGE, which is under construction. On SKEWERS!!! In the hope that today is Sunday … And here repair work. Evrodim running full tilt!!! Sunday! And, most interestingly, the repair work does not even interfere, when building YOUR country… Respect the builders”.

Actress and TV presenter told, with what all began the thought of buying a cottage. The fact that 4-year-old daughter Diana began asking for a pet. Parents explained to her that the apartment is impossible, but as soon as they have their own house, then immediately it will have a cat or dog. What child calmly said, “So let’s buy”. “When it is so simple and easy to say that we bought the house, we realized that the children give us a boost and we will give her all the best. So we started to work on his dream on a country house,” commented Lily.

Лилия Ребрик: "Я мечтала о семье, любимой работе и загородном доме"



The family was in no hurry with the purchase of a country house. Considered different options. The main criterion — that was near the woods and water. Near Kiev is a picturesque place — a rarity. First time arriving in the cottage “Forest lake”, everyone fell in love with him at first sight. “We got there in the winter, when everything was completely white. There was no wind, silence, beauty and tranquility. Just standing and breathing, we realized that here we are well. Not even by agreement, we all felt our dream,” said Lilia Rebrik.

Лилия Ребрик: "Я мечтала о семье, любимой работе и загородном доме"

Cottage village “Forest lake” (C. Extra, Makarovskiy R-n)

Also, the actress confessed that she was afraid of criticism of his daughter, as in the theater Diana is, as he calls her Lily, a demanding audience that does not like to watch will not. As soon as she entered the house and began: “Here I have this, and it will be then, and there will be a dog … no, better a cat”, the family realized that this was giving them all perfect.

Lily also shared memories of life in the parent’s private home, where there was a free space, games with the neighborhood kids, sitting around the huge family table. Noted that also strives to be that perfect picture, when it is family comfort.

She told also about the people suitable vacation option life, share plans about the interior design of the future garden, what will be doing in their spare time and how it relates to running your own farm. All this and more, see the full interview with Lily rebryk.