Lindsey Graham announced new sanctions against Russia and Putin personally for cyber attacks

Линдси Грэм анонсировал новые санкции против РФ и лично Путина из-за кибератак

U.S. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham

United States next year will introduce new sanctions against Russia and personally to the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin due to cyber attacks during the presidential campaign in the United States. This was stated by U.S. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham during a stay in Kiev on 30 November in an interview with “Radio Liberty”.

“Next year we are going to introduce new sanctions in addition to those that already exist, in particular the sanctions imposed by Obama – which would affect the energy and banking sectors, which would affect not only the FSB or GRU, but to Putin, his inner circle. I think the only possibility to force Russia to change is to Putin’s economy and Putin himself has paid the price for Russia’s actions a great price. We can therefore expect that in early 2017, the Congress, with the support of both parties, will try to approve new sanctions that will affect the banking and energy sectors, critical components of the Russian economy. I hope we get a positive vote, and the President, Donald trump will sign the law,” said Graham.

American Republican Senator John McCain also did not exclude the strengthening of sanctions against Russia over cyber-attacks during the presidential campaign in the United States.

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Recall, USA 35 expelled Russian diplomats and impose new sanctions due to cyber attacks. Media wrote that expelled from the US, Russian diplomats may not leave the country because of lack of tickets at the box office. The Russian foreign Ministry suggested that in response to declare persona non grata of American diplomats, President Putin decided not to do it, “not to stoop to the level of “cooking” irresponsible diplomacy.”