Linnet: Enjoy the delight in his address, I stopped

Yevhen Konoplyanka gave an interview for UEFA magazine dedicated to the League of Nations.

One of the leaders of the national team of Ukraine Yevhen Konoplyanka told about immediate tasks of the national team.

– Congratulations with a good start in the League of Nations! What I was thinking after the first victory?

All were very happy – the coaches, the players, the team’s personnel. The game with the Czech Republic turned out an exhausting and very emotional. Good that we managed to complete it in their favor. Three points on the road took off all the tiredness.

– What was the main reason of success of the national team of Ukraine?

– First of all – teamwork. On the field it was felt that we all play by the principle “one for all and all for one.” Yes, there were individual actions of the same Marlos, but that was for the good of the team, because he beat four opponents, and then gave a pass to the partner. It’s great that in our team there are players like him. Yarmolenko and others also deserve compliments, but in the foreground was a team game. In the Czech Republic we missed, but not panicked, as would most teams, because nobody likes to miss in the first minutes. We got together and showed decent football. It should be noted that in our team there are players who can come on as a substitute and set the desired tempo and tone. This is very important.

Speaking about modern Ukrainian team usually remember Konoplyanka and Yarmolenko. It’s nice to feel one of the main characters of the team?

– To be honest, I would not like to hear such compliments because in my head still sits bad performance at Euro 2016. Yeah, then people said, “Wow, Andrew, Eugene – what a great flanks!” But we didn’t play as a team, and that could make every one of us? Modern football requires a predominance of teamwork over the individual. What of the fact that someone beats all, and the team is not playing? Without teamwork there is no result. So now I do not pay attention to the compliments in his address. I am not 20 years, and enjoy the delight in his address, I stopped.

– How important is a successful start in this tournament, as the League of Nations?

– Of course, very important. We took maximum points from strong teams, and now in control of the situation. Now everything is in our hands. I want to see that which team we would play, we always strive to win. Even if I have to play against Germany or Spain. Although with such giants, and nobody will be upset (laughs).

– What can you say about the format of the League of Nations? Due to this, the tournament reduced the number of friendly matches. This is a plus or a minus for players?

– I think it’s good for football and for sure more interesting for players. Let’s say we play a friendly match against Albania… you will Agree that it’s a little… of Course, it is possible to configure that the match of the national team and all that, but when you know that the match official, and have a chance to win the right to play in the next contest against the giants, it substantially increases motivation. In addition, the group winner in the League of Nations will receive a place in the second pot when the draw for the selection of the European championship, that is going to play against weaker teams. Already a positive thing, right? The League of Nations is a good opportunity to prove that we are not just a team and earn more.

Thus, the goal of Ukraine in the League of Nations…

– To get into the League.

– And to strive for the UEFA Euro 2020?

To get to the finals. It is not even discussed. But I don’t like to rush to the front. Let’s end the League of Nations, wait for the toss, rate the contenders and their chances.

But in any case, the team are challenged to get to the finals?

– Of course, 100 percent.

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