Linnet: If I were at all paying attention, you just couldn’t play

Коноплянка: Если бы я на всех обращал внимание, то просто не смог бы играть

Yevhen Konoplyanka

Midfielder Yevhen Konoplyanka gave his opinion relative to the first semi-final of the Europa League match against Shakhtar

Ukrainian midfielder Yevhen Konoplyanka after the first match of 1/2 final of the Europa League against Shakhtar Donetsk, answered the journalists ‘ questions.

– Oh, Yes, there are more journalists than fans in the stadium! said the former player of the Dnieper, a glance at the mixed zone.

– 2:2 – the result that was needed Seville?

– I believe that for us this is a good result. The odds still remain 50: 50.

– And the game – who was closer to victory?

– In the first half certainly played better than Shakhtar, we often “cut off“. In the second half, we certainly leveled the game.

– Today, while your replacing the whole stadium stood up, began to applaud. Unai emery was also applauded and welcomed you. He explained why such an early replacement?

– No, he rarely explains his replacement. But I was very pleased, as I was here all met and saw off, thank you very much, I love the lions (laughs).

– How your contact with the coach as a whole – is improving from match to match?

– Of course, I find a common language with the coaches and with the team. We perfectly understand each other.

– Unai emery said that Konoplyanka is growing together with the team and with it will achieve great heights. Do you feel it?

– Of course, it’s nice to hear. Indeed, every day and with every match I understand that we find a common language.

– What was behind your peace of mind and equanimity?

– Well, you need to concentrate. Well, if I were at all paying attention, you just couldn’t play.

– In 2007-m to year in a match between Shakhtar and Sevilla also was 2:2, and then Sevilla held on. Now, by analogy with those events, we wait for the miner to the next round?

– No (laughs). I would like to see the previous scenario was repeated.

Miner has changed dramatically since then, as you played against him for the Dnepr?

– Globally, nothing has changed – the Brazilians in the leading roles, high speed, technology. Reference area – a very “rough“, you know who I’m talking about. The team, by and large, has not changed. Played well today.

– As you duel against Darijo Srna?

– Why just our duel? This is a duel two teams, not one player. I think that the return game will be much more interesting.

– Who t-shirts has changed?

– Rakitskiy favorite (laughs).

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the miner has missed a victory over Sevilla in the Europa League.

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