List of lists of banned in Ukraine the Russian artists will reconsider, – Yevhen Nyshchuk

Список списков запрещенных в Украине российских артистов пересмотрят, - Нищук

List of lists of banned in Ukraine the Russian artists will reconsider, this has created an inter-Ministerial Commission. This was stated by the Minister of culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nyshchuk in the air of 1+1.

“Now we have created the interdepartmental Commission where representatives of the security Service of Ukraine, employees of the National Council on television and radio broadcasting, professionals, experts, representatives of media companies, which is the revision of those lists that from the time when they “crowd” has gone where, you know, the first was the one who signed, and signed…well, you know how it was. After that maybe he didn’t say anything and they obviously need to reconsider,” – said Nyshchuk.

At the same time Nyshchuk noted that there are new artists that don’t just make negative statements towards Ukraine and represent a certain threat to the security of Ukraine, as statements and actions.

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“It is in the plane and of the Council of national security and defense, which makes certain penalties or 1 or 3 years,” – said the Minister of culture.

He added that the Ministry of culture is a group of people that handles the treatment of certain artists and send the materials to the SBU.

“It was in relation to some singers who planned performances in certain rooms and these concerts have been cancelled. There have been given specific evidence that they were either in the annexed Crimea or they have repeatedly expressed to the Ukrainian culture or the Ukrainian state,” – said Nyshchuk.

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He stressed that he is against censorship, but against the propaganda required.

As reported, the SBU has banned entry to Ukraine to the Secretary of the Union of journalists of Russia.

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